Ernst Zundel Has Died

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Re: Ernst Zundel Obituary, New York Times

Postby Hektor » 1 week 3 hours ago (Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:27 am)

Sannhet wrote:Below is the (mainly-)hostile obituary published .....

(1) No mention that Zundel's stated reason for emigration in 1958 was strong pacifism (military service was mandatory in West Germany at the time); nor of his continued pacifism throughout life. (i.e., that he was not some cartoonish Hollywood 'neo-Nazi' calling for violence.)
(2) Vague assertions that the Leuchter Report is 'discredited' but no mention of the Rudolf Report.
(3) More space given to quotations from busybody Deborah Lipstadt alone than to quotations from Ernst Zundel himself.
(4) Much space for what turns out to be the final politically relevant act of Zundel's life -- his 2017 travel ban against entering the USA (See CODOH thread here: Ernst Zundel has been banned from the USA (April 2017) for 'showing no regret for Holocaust denial'.
(5) On the positive side, thee obituary mentions Dr. Faurisson and Ditlieb Felderer by name.
(6) Another example of the writer's laziness; he calls David Irving "the world’s best-known Holocaust denier."

They just skip what might be dangerous for their narrative. Pointing out the pacifism and this as reason for his emigration would damage the propped up image of the "Holocaust Denying Neonazi". Neglecting to mention the Rudolf Report and that Leuchter's works was hastily established pioneering work keeps the story frozen. Also: They don't mention that up to today they don't have any serious forensic work proving the homicidal use of the morgues, which they nevertheless call "gas chambers".

Anyway, Ernst Zundel can be credited with breaching the Holocaust Wall. He brought questioning the Myth on the agenda and the Holocaust Lobby has been on the defensive ever since.

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Re: Ernst Zundel Obituary, New York Times

Postby Sannhet » 6 days 22 hours ago (Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:53 pm)

Hektor wrote:Ernst Zundel can be credited with breaching the Holocaust Wall. He brought questioning the Myth on the agenda and the Holocaust Lobby has been on the defensive ever since.

Our* understanding of, and the importance we attach to, the fate of the Jews in WWII (what is now solely referred to as 'the Holocaust') (Revisionists-in-the-know might call the pair of these things, our understanding of it and the importance we attach to it, "Holocaustism") has been an evolving issue since the 1940s. I would propose that "Holocaustism," if we can date such things to single years, begins in 1978 with the Holocaust miniseries on U.S. television, which, this was before cable TV and so on, was watched by an incredible 49% share of all households who watched TV on the nights it aired (in four parts). Before the late 1970s, the issue of the fate of the Jews was murkier, the capitalized term 'Holocaust' did not exist, and the fate of the Jews was not as hyper-emphasized as it is today and by the 1970s Germans were just as often seen as victims, or the entire war was more and more seen as a heroic tragedy than a morality play of Evil Germans gassing Jews (as it became later).

The year 1978, besides being the year of the 'Holocaust' TV series, was also the year that (1) Ernst Zundel first got involved in Revisionism -- I have heard Ernst became converted to Revisionism after reading Dr. Butz' Hoax of the Twentieth Century (published 1976), (2) The IHR was first organized by Willis Carto as a scholarly platform for Holocaust and other historical Revisionists, (3) Le Monde published Dr. Faurisson's article in which he proclaims "the non-existence" and concludes saying that their non-existence "is good news for humanity. Good news which it would be wrong to keep hidden any longer."

By the 1990s, the 'Holocaust' had largely become the cornerstone of the Western political mind. The Holocaust-Pushers seemed to have won and Zundel and the Revisionists seem to have lost, but put up a good fight with Zundel at the very front.

If you agree with we that Holocaustism begins in 1978, then next year, 2018, will make forty years of Holocaustism, and also forty years of Revisionism. Zundel was alive for thirty-nine of them, and very active for the first ten or so, somewhat active for the next fifteen or so, then in the prison systems of three countries (Canada, USA, Germany) for about seven, and quiet for the last seven (under threat of a return to prison in Germany). He will be remembered as a member of the first generation of revisionists of the Holocaustian Era. He will be remembered for being right from the very beginning, from AD 1978, or Holocaustism Year One.

* -- By 'our' I here mean Westerners, really Western Christians, or perhaps more narrowly, White-Christian(-descent) denizens of the NATO bloc. I don't think Chinese, Japanese, and others really care about this postmodern civilizational myth we call the Holocaust, and I think former communist-bloc citizens in Europe are less under the sway of it than the rest of us.

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Re: Ernst Zundel Has Died

Postby Review » 6 days 19 hours ago (Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:46 pm)

An American scholar has written an obituary (kind of) at Veterans Today

Ernst Zundel, the man who destroyed the Holocaust industry, died ... stry-died/

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Re: Ernst Zundel Has Died

Postby Webmaster » 3 days 22 hours ago (Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:41 pm)

Rest in peace.

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