"The Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft" - True or false?

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"The Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft" - True or false?

Postby Spect3r » 4 months 3 weeks ago (Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:00 am)

"The Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft" was a conference that supposedly happened in Berlin during 1942 where was defined what would later come to be the European Union.

A 122 pages document about it can be seen here: https://burgelijkongehoorzaam.files.wor ... s-1942.pdf

Does any of you know if this is real? Did this conference really happened or is this Anti EU propaganda?

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Re: "The Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft" - True or false?

Postby Hektor » 3 months 3 days ago (Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:59 pm)

I recall an Oliver Janich having written about this. German book "Die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa".
https://www.amazon.de/Die-Vereinigten-S ... 3898798208

I don't know the document. But it's plausible that the National Socialists would make plans on what their relationships with the European Countries would be after they'd retreat from the countries they occupied as well as with their Allies and neutrals.

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