Den stora hemligheten av gaskammaren temperaturen

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Den stora hemligheten av gaskammaren temperaturen

Postby Nemo » 6 years 3 months ago (Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:22 am)

Denna kommentar från ett forum är inte min. Jag ber för att undersöka vad som ligger bakom det:

April 30, 2014 at 9:28 pm

Phil, you missed the point! This guy is promoting a calculation, which claims for 6000 to 9000 °C in the gas chamber just to resolve the necessary amount of gas out of the granulate which was put into the chamber.

The point is, (if this calculation is correct):

No human beeing can create such a temperature,
no humen-made material can stand such a temperature,
no body would remain in such a temperature, i.e. the bodies would be “gassed” in the true meaning of the word, would fly away as waterdamp,
no crema is needed therefor, no mass-graves,

BUT: He claimes, that all that has happened, because witnesses have told so. AND THESE WINESSES ARE TRUE, AS JUDGES FOUND OUT!!!

This is the wit of the story: We do not have to deny Holo, because YES – IT HAPPEND! But it happend under circumstances, which only children of Satan could create and stand. So: The Holo was a deed of Jews and Germans were not involved!! Clear?

I know, that he clings to his calculations. The question here is: Are these calculations correct or is it a funny, but senseless tale. And you find these calculations in the article “Gaskammertemperatur” at METAPEDIA, but only in the German version.

At all you others:

Forget please the insecticide-“SPRAY” ! it is nonsense, we have the granulate “ZyclonB” and we have the detailed drawings of the “witnesses” of the wire-columns, where the baskets with granulate were sinked into from the roof. Drawings also at METAPEDIA!


Forget all the nonsense of calculation of “how many corpses” “in what time” and “how long to ventilate”, “how long to remove from the chambers” –ALL THIS IS NONSENSE!!!

All this brings you in jail for years in Europe!!! Please understand this all over the world, where ever you may be! We have no benefit from all these details. Following our laws we have to accept, that Holo happend and that the witnesses are true. This is calles:”Offenkundige Wahrheit” and it is forbidden, even to ask for evidence.

EVEN THE DOUBT IS FORBIDDEN AND PUNISHED !!! It makes me sick to read all these naive excuses. You are right of course, but it does not help! Understand this, please! ... ent-199666

Inte pa svenska. Tyvärr är min svenska rudimentär även 50 ar otränade :)

Gas-chamber-temperature in English: ... mperature/

Temperatura-de-la-camara-de-gas en español: ... ra-de-gas/

Gaskammertemperatur auf Deutsch: ... chungen-2/

und hier auch die Kommentare beachten: ... eraturgkt/

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