Propagandizing and Proselytizing

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Propagandizing and Proselytizing

Postby jtyler777 » 5 months 1 week ago (Tue May 11, 2021 5:31 pm)

A lot of you have probably seen some of the video commercials I've been working on. For anyone who is not in the loop yet, another one of my ongoing projects for CODOH is the creation of high-end, professional-tier advertising material. Being a bit of a propogandist in general, and considering the contrived but inflammatory nonetheless nature of the information CODOH traffics in, a big focus of my work is not just coming up with competent and attractive advertising for our "product" so to speak, but also counteracting the slander and demonization of the enemy while I'm at it. Our detractors love to characterize us as a bunch of subhuman basement dwellers wholly lacking in any sort of competency, integrity or even basic human decency. That these videos not just make a nice presentation of and pitch for the books of the Holocaust Handbook series but do so by using normie models is as calculated as it is cheeky. A gorgeous girl being depicted reading a book like "The Chemistry of Auschwitz" is oddly hilarious to me... because we all know that this isn't the first kind of person that comes to mind as someone reading a book like that. And yet, the advert does not do so in any sort of overtly comedic manner. It takes itself seriously, while not being overly sensational. So it gets people's attention with that double-take inducing introduction, yet implies and insinuates that "of course random, absurdly attractive models read books like this! What are you, some sort of bigot? Get with the program!"
Funny though this is to think about it, it's the same basic psychology the culture distorters and propogandists working for the enemy use on us all the time. Happy, attractive people using the product in a believable, relatable setting is one of the most basic psychological methods to "normalize" something in someone's mind.

All this brings me into why the production of these videos is multi-faceted. They're not just meant for the product listings on the site. They're made to be shared around. If there is something to what I am saying here, (and there is) then the way to make the most of this is to spread these videos far and wide. As I write this, I'm also working to making them interactive, (I just released the first interactive advert here: ) which will make them even more engaging.
As with everything we're doing to get the message out, all of you can play a huge role in this by simply taking some time to be a purveyor of our media as we produce it. The best place to get the videos for sharing is going to be Rumble. ( am uploading everything there. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to get involved in an even more active way than the basic ways I've been elaborating on in this post and my other post about where we're at in our social media campaign.

We can all do so much more than we realize even when we're on our own. Together, there's practically no limit to what we can accomplish. I look forward to hearing from y'all.

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Re: Propagandizing and Proselytizing

Postby MrOlonzo » 1 month 2 weeks ago (Tue Aug 31, 2021 5:49 am)

Read with interest, will share in a number of venues.

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