Charlottesville and Similarities to the Holocaust / 'code words' & more

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Charlottesville and Similarities to the Holocaust / 'code words' & more

Postby fireofice » 2 weeks 2 minutes ago (Wed Nov 24, 2021 5:09 pm)

The Sines v. Kessler lawsuit in regards to the events at Charlottesville has concluded. Details can be found here: ... rors-n2529 ... -disgrace/

The defendants plan on appealing.

The whole purpose of the lawsuit was to prove that the white nationalists, Confederates, Nazis, ect. conspired to commit violence at the protest. The reality is that most of the violence was started by the antifa counter protesters with most of the nationalist violence being a response to that violence. Even James Fields, the Nazi who ran over a bunch of people and killing one with his car, only did so as a response to his car being attacked. However, the main narrative pushed is the complete opposite of the known facts of the case. So if someone wants to know how the holocaust can be faked, one just needs to do a detailed look into the events at Charlottesville and compare it to the mainstream narrative, and you will be able to see a clear example of how it has been done, but on a smaller scale. Here are some more links for anyone who wants to look more into it: ... le-part-i/ ... e-part-ii/ ... aftermath/ ... 947660586/

One other similarity that should be pointed out is this:

Part of this expert testimony was offered to support the proposition that the defendants spoke in secret code, such that seemingly innocuous statements or crass attempts at edgy humor were actually calls to violence. ... -disgrace/

Now where have we heard that before?

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Re: Charlottesville and Similarities to the Holocaust / 'code words' & more

Postby Merlin300 » 1 week 18 hours ago (Tue Nov 30, 2021 10:34 pm)

Judge Moon is certainly not at all favorable to the defense.
He went hook-line-and sinker for the prosecution in a related Charlottesville case
US v. Miselis et al. Amazingly he excluded the official report (the Heaphy Report) from the trial.
The Heaphy report, while strongly anti-Nationalist, pretty clearly found that the Antifa started the violence and that police tactics caused the Left and the Right demonstrators to be pushed together.
Much of Moon's hair-brain anti-free speech ranting has been overturned by the 4th Circuit. ... w-2017.pdf
see also re persecution ... el-miselis

However the basic point that outlying political beliefs should not expect honesty from the
media nor fairness from the courts.

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