How to explain Rudolf Höss' Nuremberg testimony

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How to explain Rudolf Höss' Nuremberg testimony

Postby Friens2020 » 4 years 4 months ago (Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:13 am)


I am frustrated, couldn't find anything about this over the forums search. And google also didn't really help.

How do holocaust-deniers explain the fact that Höss did admit the gassings in Auschwitz?
Torture? I looked for any reliable sources proving he was tortured to make this testimony, but couldn't find anything that is based on a reliable source.

Why would Höss ever admit it if he wasn't tortured?

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Re: How to explain Rudolf Höss' Nuremberg testimony

Postby Hannover » 4 years 4 months ago (Thu Feb 18, 2016 6:37 pm)

There's plenty here regarding the coerced Hoess "confessions", all you have to do is use our search function.
BTW, the torturers themselves had no problem saying they had tortured Hoess, and what Hoess actually "confessed" to was utterly impossible.

Here are examples, have a look and post to any of those threads if you wish.

' / Tim O'Neill: Hoess 'confessions' are proof'

'The problems with the Nuremberg trial'

'Holocaust HOAX is based almost entirely on TORTURE!'

'Nazi confessions'

How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss
By Robert Faurisson

Rudolf Höss, Carlo Mattogno: Commandant of Auschwitz—Rudolf Höss, His Torture and His Forced Confessions.
Jürgen Graf: Auschwitz Confessions and Testimonies—A Critical Analysis.

- Hannover

The 'holocaust' storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists demand censorship. What sort of truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

The tide is turning.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: How to explain Rudolf Höss' Nuremberg testimony

Postby hermod » 4 years 4 months ago (Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:54 pm)

"How to explain Rudolf Höss' Nuremberg testimony?"

As any other testimony, i.e. as a mere series of words without any intrinsic probative value and involving only the naivety of its listeners/readers. You believe in alien abductions, witches and bigfoots? No? QED... :wink:
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