Himmler and Jean-Marie Musy Meeting

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Himmler and Jean-Marie Musy Meeting

Postby Zulu » 3 years 7 months ago (Wed Jun 01, 2016 4:18 pm)

On a recent translation of a Faurisson's article I incidentally noticed an interesting reference to a document which seems to not have been commented in that Forum. At least mi research with "Musy" gave no hit.
This document has a French and Italian translation with added comments at

Heinrich Himmler reports on his meeting with Jean-Marie Musy about the Jews on January 15, 1945
Heinrich Himmler rende conto del suo colloquio del 15 gennaio 1945 con Jean Marie Musy a proposito degli ebrei

The original document in German is that one:

HH 18 jan 45.png

It appears to be clear that Himmler refers here, in January 1945, to an expulsion of the Jews under German control and not their extermination.
My research on Google with Himmler + Wildbad gave me a Wikipedia reference only in German.
https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vereinbar ... %80%93Musy

On Jean-Marie Musy, his wiki's article tells:
Jean-Marie Musy (10 April 1876, Albeuve, Canton of Fribourg - 19 April 1952) was a Swiss politician.

He was elected to the Federal Council of Switzerland on 11 December 1919 and handed over office on 30 April 1934. He was affiliated with the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland.

During his time in office he held the Department of Finance and was President of the Confederation twice, in 1925 and 1930.

Musy was acquainted with Himmler. Toward the end of World War II, the Germans were retreating and near defeat. At the request of two Swiss Orthodox Jews, Recha Sternbuch and her husband Yitzchak Sternbuch, and in coordination with them, Musy and his son Benoît Nicolas Musy engaged in high level negotiations with the Nazis to rescue large numbers of Jews in the concentration camps. Musy was involved in the release of 1,210 prisoners from the Theresienstadt concentration camp. The group was saved after $1.25 million was placed in Swiss banks by Jewish organizations working in Switzerland. However, the money was never paid to the Nazis.[1][2][3] Holocaust Rescue Mission in 1944 [1]
1. Kranzler, David. Three who tried to stop the Holocaust (article).
2. Kranzler, David; Friedson, Joseph. Heroine of Rescue: The Incredible Story of Recha Sternbuch Who Saved Thousands from the Holocaust. Artscroll History Series, Mesorah Publications Ltd. ISBN 978-0-89906-460-4.
3. Moriah Films, Unlikely Heroes, documentary, includes chapter on Recha Sternbuch (USA)



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Re: Himmler and Jean-Marie Musy Meeting

Postby hermod » 3 years 7 months ago (Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:57 am)

Document also interesting for what is not said in it. In an exterminationist perspective, one would expect to find something like: 'If the British and the Americans refuse to let those Jews in (as they've done so far) and to guarantee that the latter won't be shipped to Palestine, Mr. Mussy asked me to at least promise that those Jews won't be killed by our men until the end of the war.' A promise crucial to some Zionists (Mussy had been commissioned by Zionists after all) since the latter still needed very numerous settlers for their dear land grabbing enterprise in Palestine. Hard to believe Mussy wouldn't have placed a great emphasis on such a promise. And also hard to believe Himmler wouldn't have mentioned such an emphasis/insistence (and his own response) in his report if Mussy had actually insisted on that. Once again with the 'Holocaust,' Mussy seemingly acted as if he was not dealing with a mass murderer and as if the Jews in German hands at that time were not in mortal danger...
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