One more twist in Anne Frank story

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One more twist in Anne Frank story

Postby Spect3r » 4 years 2 months ago (Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:46 pm)

So we all heard how Anne Frank and her family were found because they had been betrayed and ended up hunted down.
Well, seems that is actually not true.

A new study by The Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam shows that the address could have been raided over ration fraud.
The researchers also found that the police who discovered Anne Frank and her companions were not generally employed to hunt down Jews in hiding.
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Re: One more twist in Anne Frank story

Postby flimflam » 4 years 2 months ago (Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:52 am)

The significance of the article is that it suggests that the basis of the diary, that the Franks spent years in hiding, is bogus.

I just recently read Faurisson's article claiming the diary was forged, and I'm wondering what is the consensus now, in particular, were the loose leaf pages that made up the bulk of the diary now thought to have been written by Anne Frank or someone else?

Also, I chanced on an incredible website, , which has a page 'The Holocaust Hoax and the Jewish Promotion of Perversion' ... erversity/

which has some what is old news about the diary, the sexual passages, that was new to me, and perhaps to you?

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Re: One more twist in Anne Frank story

Postby AntiBeliever » 4 years 2 months ago (Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:24 pm)

Ration fraud...LOL. It took over a year for the National Socialists to realize that war necessities were being sent to a single place in mass quantities? Deportation and murder are 2 different things.

Let's see the facts: -Otto Frank made edits in ball point pen, and this isn't denied. But these were only found on the loose sheets.
-The writing from the actual diary was compared to other handwriting samples found in the school Anne Frank attended, and at home.
-Anne wrote using a fountain pen
-The diary had glue in it that was consistent with glue sticks that Anne Frank used for school projects.
-Not to mention that it would make zero sense for Otto Frank to forge 2 versions of his daughter's diary and then edit those adaptions into the official book.

Looks like the burden of proof is on Faurisson to prove his case. :roll:

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Re: One more twist in Anne Frank story

Postby Hannover » 4 years 2 months ago (Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:42 am)

Not much of an effort from the 'AntiBeliever', who believes. :lol:

See his / her claims & the 'holocau$t' Industry's claims about the Anne Frank "diary" demolished repeatedly.

and be sure to see the handwriting comparison images here:
Anne Frank’s Diary Gains ‘Co-Author’
'Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?'

That was easy.

- Hannover

Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurd impossibility of the laughable 'holocaust' storyline is the message.

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Re: One more twist in Anne Frank story

Postby JoFo » 4 years 2 months ago (Sun Dec 25, 2016 1:28 pm)

I haven't read the diary of Anne Frank in ages--probably since school, but I am familiar with the story. I just re-read Faurisson's critique of it and learned of the recent revelations about how the Franks and others were apprehended. So is it fair to infer the following?

1. The Franks experience in hiding was far more mundane than we are led to believe. The "enemies" that surrounded them were probably aware of their existence and tolerant of it over the two years.

2. The Franks and others were brought to the attention of the authorities due to ration card misuse. Faurisson noted the generous amounts of food described in the diary that they seemed to enjoy. So it wasn't so much their Jewishness but rather their appetites that did them in!

3. The arresting parties were more of a civil authority that was charged with enforcing wartime mandates and not hunting fugitives.

4. Much of the diary was edited, supplemented, and re-written by Otto Frank and possibly others with the intent of publishing it. Therefore, we could say that the work is based on real events but not actually true to them.

Interesting stuff! And further evidence of the unraveling of the general holocaust narrative!

Happy holidays from the American mid-west!

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