The Americans brought cameras to Abu Greib

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The Americans brought cameras to Abu Greib

Postby neocon » 1 decade 6 years ago (Mon May 24, 2004 2:22 am)

So did the Germans to the Ostfront. Strange, that there
didnt surface any pix even after 60 years. The Germans should
have been as proud as Lynndie England for their handywork.

Obviously the OKW gave the Order to collect all the Cameras
so that no Pictures of the Nazi Massdestruction would be taken.

Same Order came from the Pentagon last Week., ... 01,00.html

Why is there no photografic evidence of the Holocaust - Abu Graib style ?
There should be if it happened as alleged.

code yellow
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Postby code yellow » 1 decade 6 years ago (Mon May 24, 2004 7:11 pm)

:? There are documenteries shown on tv quite frequently with moving

and still photos of elleged Nazi shootings and hangings,that they

apparently have taken themselves.these photos,mind you the same ones

over and over again,are also published in books.Why in the hell would

they document hangings and shootings of sabatours and partisans,but not

their apparent master plan of extermination,the gas chambers?Ever see a

photo or moving footage of people being gassed?Well,you won't,and you

never will because it didn't happen.Although I bet the zionist forces behind

this elaborate chirade will find a way to develope some,as they have been

over the years with many other photos.Also,I find it interesting that Trojan

didn't mention anything about the videotaped beheading,wich everytime I

hear something about,it's always in the form of skeptesism of it's

validity,wich wouldn't suprise me.

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There aint no Abu Treblinka Snapshots

Postby neocon » 1 decade 6 years ago (Tue May 25, 2004 7:04 am)

No photografic Nazimassdestruction Evidence.
No forensic Nazimassdestruction Evidence.
No documentary Nazimassdestructon Evidence.

Too much sexed-up Motives and Stuff. Sometimes
the Holocaust Stories remind me of Dolcett Snuff
Phantasies. Especially the "Mengele" thing.

Imagine a 6 Foot SS Officer with Scull&Bones on
his Hat and shiny leather Boots directing a
thousand naked Women an children into a
"asphyxia" Chamber and then thru his personal
"Peep hole" watches them suffocate and stroking
his cock during the process.

Or: a SS Doctor, selecting 100 of the most beautiful
Blondes for Gynophagia Pseudo "Experiments"

Just a bunch of sick porno snuff Phantasies, thats
what the Holocaust smells like.

Take a look:

Dolcett could have easily put Holocaust
survivor "Testimony" into a Asphyxia Snuffstory
just like Simon Wiesenthal, the old Cartoonist

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comrade seinfeld
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There aint no Abu Treblinka Snapshots

Postby comrade seinfeld » 1 decade 6 years ago (Tue May 25, 2004 7:51 pm)

There was one interesting example where an SS troop were punished by an SS court for overstepping the bounds of what was permissable in dealing with Jews and others suspected of collaborating with the Soviet partisans, and of taking photos of what they accomplished. This was in relation to the SS platoon led by Max Taubner, and there is a good article about it in last Winter edition of Holocaust and Genocide Studies with the link being ... dcg021.pdf ,although like that article on the supposed induction holes on the Auschwitz Kremas, it is probable that it cannot be freely accessed unless on a university computer server; but it could possibly be able to be read since it is from a past edition.

Taubner was not severely punished, it could be said (some of his men spent a short time in an SS prison), as he only spent a couple of years in Dachau. It was also interesting that a post-war German court thought that he had been punished enough by the SS.

Anyway this example of Max Taubner gives the lie that the Einsatzgruppen units were not held responsible for their actions, although the articles states that Taubner was the only one ever brought to account, which could possibly mean that, contrary to exterminationist propaganda, the counter-insurgency campaign was not as bloody as is usually made out. And, as it made clear in the article, it was not just the fact that Taubner and his men distributed photos of what they had done, although that was part of the charges.

Anyway, for all its faults (i.e., an exterminationist perspective), it gives a very good depiction of the counter-insurgency campaign against the Soviet partisans, and it would be interesting to know what veteran revisionists like Hannover and Sailor think of it, if they are able to read it -- any public university usually enables non-students and staff access to the electronic journals, which would be likely to include Holocaust and Genocide Studies. It is very interesting subject and a separate thread should be started by someone on it.

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