Major new Video Game ('Call of Duty: WWII') "Will Depict the Holocaust"

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Major new Video Game ('Call of Duty: WWII') "Will Depict the Holocaust"

Postby Sannhet » 5 months 2 weeks ago (Wed May 03, 2017 11:37 pm)

New World War II ‘Call Of Duty’ Video Game Will Depict The Holocaust
May 3, 2017 By Aiden Pink

In “Call of Duty: WWII,” which will be released in November [2017], the player controls an American soldier fighting in the European theater. In addition to shooting Nazi soldiers, players will also be exposed to racism towards Jews and African-Americans within their platoon. Robbins alluded to an episode of the miniseries “Band of Brothers” where American soldiers discovered a concentration camp.

“We absolutely show atrocities,” Robbins said. “It’s an unfortunate part of the history, but…you can’t tell an authentic, truthful story without going there. So we went there.” Robbins argued that audiences can now handle games with more maturity and nuance: “People are ready for it. They want it,” he said.


(1) The "American soldier" shoots "Nazi soldiers." Right. Not German soldiers, but 'Nazi' soldiers. Was the recent wounding of U.S. servicemen in combat in Afghanistan a case of an "Afghani soldier" shooting "Republicans," or perhaps shortened to something like "Repubs" or "GOPpers" (as the Republican Party controls the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government).

(2) If I read it right, the American soldiers depicted in the game are shown to be 'racist' towards Jewish soldiers in their own units. This is conflated with the Holocaust. Cf. "You Americans! You are guilty, too." There are distinct strands of this in Holocaustism: The argument, frequently heard, is that the USA was so anti-Semitic that the Roosevelt administration, quietly hated-crazed against Jews, so the insinuation goes, sent refugee boats full of Jews back to Europe, knowing full well they'd be killed in gas chambers.

(3) "People want it." People want to 'see the Holocaust' (whatever that means) in a video game? Who are those people? Why?

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