Deborah Lipstadt's Lies & Deceptions (Germar Rudolf's new video)

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Deborah Lipstadt's Lies & Deceptions (Germar Rudolf's new video)

Postby hermod » 2 years 9 months ago (Wed May 10, 2017 10:18 am)

Below is a video of Germar Rudolf deconstructing Deborah Lipstadt's recent emotional appeals and preposterous lies about the 'Holocaust' & Holocaust revisionism. Enjoy...

May 4, 2017

On April 7th of 2017, U.S.-American professor of Jewish history and Holocaust research Deborah Lipstadt appeared on TED-x Talks, where she related her experiences surrounding her courtroom battle against British historian David Irving. The event took place at the Sheldonian Theatre, which is the official ceremonial hall of the University of Oxford in England. This presentation discusses some of the claims she made during that speech, which lasted only some 15 minutes. It is demonstrated that many of her claims are not only false, but are actually deeply rooted in prejudice and a profoundly anti-academic attitude.

"But, however the world pretends to divide itself, there are ony two divisions in the world to-day - human beings and Germans. – Rudyard Kipling, The Morning Post (London), June 22, 1915

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Re: Deborah Lipstadt's Lies & Deceptions (Germar Rudolf's new video)

Postby flimflam » 2 years 9 months ago (Wed May 10, 2017 4:40 pm)

An excellent vid ... I learned a lot watching it ..... but it concedes too much to the holohoax liars in my view - for example Rudolf agrees with Lipstadt that 'The Jews didn't just make it all up', but that is exactly what happened. They didn't start in 1940 of course, they started at least as early as 1905 when an article was pubished in the NYT claiming that the Russians were in the process of 'systematically and murderously exterminating' six million Jews. Elsewhere in the vid he implies that the hoax resulted from prisoners exaggerating or mis-remembering their experiences - no, this is silly - it was an organized deliberate deception with literally millions of participants, that is, the Jews, and all this is well known and thoroughly documented.

At another point he agrees with Lipstadt that there were many mass shooting on the eastern front. Now, of course, Lipstadt meant that there were many mass shootings of innocent Jews on the eastern front, so Rudolf, by not making what he was agreeing to explicit, is in effect agreeing that there were many mass shootings of innocent Jews on the eastern front. And, I'm wondering, as usual, where is the evidence for these shootings, and in particular, where are the graves. You know, shootings produce dead bodies, dead bodies are buried, hence there should be graves. And I believe there are documented cases of mass shootings of Jews in Lithuania and/or other Baltic countries, but I don't really know the facts. What are the documented facts about the mass shootings of Jews?

I'd also fault the vid for the sin of omission - that is, it shows D. Lipstadt as a hack, and that's good as she is a point person for the hoax right now, but, Lipstadt is not the hoax itself, and the indictment should not be limited to hacks like Lipstadt but should be against the entire holohoax establishment, which unfortunately includes every government in the world, every academic institution, every academic*, every media organization, every reporter, etc. etc. (OK, I could be exaggerating, but not by very much).

*with the exception of Arthur Butz

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Re: Deborah Lipstadt's Lies & Deceptions (Germar Rudolf's new video)

Postby Tommo » 2 years 9 months ago (Wed May 10, 2017 10:02 pm)

Pfft, at the Irving/Lipstadt trial, I seen her get away with claiming Jew's burnt all by themselves with self generated heat, needing only a puff of coke every now and then to keep them going.

WTF? lol
What are you angry about? By proving the gas chambers a lie, I just knocked off half the holocaust and SAVED 3 million Jew's for you!

I just saved more Jew's than Oskar Schindler allegedly ever did! :lol:

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