Destroying Holocaust Denial on Trial in SECONDS.

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Re: Destroying Holocaust Denial on Trial in SECONDS.

Postby borjastick » 1 year 11 months ago (Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:03 am)

However they try to spin the facts and the story they cannot get away with the simple fact that in a modern cremation oven, which operates at a higher temperature and at a more efficient rate, still takes over one hour to cremate an average person. Even then some larger bones will need 'grading' to enable the remains of a loved one to be removed and packaged for collection by the family.

If we take the view expressed above that at a point in the cremation, when the body has largely collapsed into the grate below, another fresh body can be added, we would have an inefficient system in 1943 which would not reduce the bodies to ash. Thus the claims of one million + or 4m are a liability for the Holocausters, simply because they cannot and have not shown any mass remains from these 3/4+++ cremated bodies. Where are they??? They don't just disappear. The famous film, now on youtube, of Professor Jacob Bronowski standing in the small shallow pond up to his ankles in mud and what he claims were the ashes of millions of jews is well worth a watch. The Ascent of Man, here -

If they are in the pond of ashes why can't we see them? If they were in the fields there would have been masses of pictures and proof that these ashes were coming up with the turnips! If they were dumped in the local river they would have sunk and largely be found to this day.

Then we have the wild claims that many jews, having been gassed, were burned in pits in Auschwitz. Presumably these pits would have been at least very damp due to the boggy ground that characterises the area. These pits would have been slow and highly inefficient in the cremation of all these bodies, whcih were too numerous to go through the oven facility.

So if we know where these pits are, and we do to a large extent, why aren't they excavated?

As always with the holocaust the simple use of common sense and logic will guide you to the answers.
'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'

'We don't need evidence, we have survivors' - israeli politician

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Re: Destroying Holocaust Denial on Trial in SECONDS.

Postby Hektor » 10 months 3 weeks ago (Sat Sep 21, 2019 8:32 pm)

hermod wrote:
ginger wrote:The thought recently occurred to me - that the undressing rooms were for undressing corpses and they were a standard part of the morgue design. Do you know of a blueprint that shows an undressing room - where the room is marked "undressing room" and is a standard part of a morgue? Is it accessible online?

I don't know of any such blueprints. Can't help you on this.

The Official Narrative makes much of the undressing room as a first step into the gas chamber - if the room was a usual part of the morgue the fact would go far in contradicting the Official Narrative.

Yes it would. But I doubt that a room for undressing corpses would have been as large as that room. I still think that it was a morgue.

It's plausible to assume that corpses were undressed before cremation. But having a special room for this is another matter.

Also if one morgue was used as a gas chamber, while the other was an undressing room for living people, where did they store corpses of people that died in the camp for other reasons? The set up makes no sense.

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