Paid 'holocaust' Enforcer & Promoter Roberto Muehlenkamp believes liar Filip Mueller proves the 'holocau$t'

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Paid 'holocaust' Enforcer & Promoter Roberto Muehlenkamp believes liar Filip Mueller proves the 'holocau$t'

Postby Hannover » 3 years 2 weeks ago (Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:35 pm)

Paid 'holocau$t' promoter & enforcer Roberto Muehlenkamp in attempting to support the impossible cremations as alleged within the impossible 'holocaust' narrative believes that this quote from Filip Mueller is proof of outdoor Auschwitz cremations, proof of the impossible '6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers'.

Roberto quoted Filip Mueller as saying:
As the heap of bodies settled, no air was able to get in from the outside. This meant that we stokers had constantly to pour oil or wood alcohol on the burning corpses, in addition to the human fat, large quantities of which had collected and was boiling in the two collecting pans on either side of the pit.

- Of course we have never seen any indication that there ever were massive outdoor cremation pits at Auschwitz as alleged by Mueller, which would be readily available if the hilarious lies were true.
'Sorry, no excavations allowed'.

And here's more on this liar Filip Mueller that Roberto Muehlenkamp hopes no one will notice:

Filip Mueller, whose laughable beststeller "Sonderbehandlung" Raul Hilberg quotes no less than 20 times as a source in his standard work about the "Holocaust", described how he ate cake in a cyanide-saturated gas chamber :lol:

- Mueller also said
...the 2 pits were 40 to 50 meters long, about 8 meters wide and meters digging a channel which sloped slightly to either side from the center point it would possible to catch the fat exuding from the corpses as they were burning in the pit, in 2 collecting pans at either end of the channel..
Lying nonsense, the fat would burn immediately, no evidence whatsoever for pits as alleged,

Mueller said:
...the sizzling fat was scooped out with buckets on a long curved rod and poured over the pit causing flames to leap up amid much crackling and hissing
Mueller also said:
... the powers that be had allocated twenty minutes for the cremation of 3 corpses....

It is impossible to cremate 3 bodies in 20 minutes.

Filip Mueller said:
The doctors proceeded to cut pieces of still warm flesh from thighs & calves and threw them into waiting receptacles. The muscles of those who had been shot were still working and contracting, making the bucket jump about
And, Mueller impossibly claimed that 10,000 were cremated daily in the ovens of Birkenau

Mueller said:
I noticed there were some small greenish-blue crystals lying on the concrete floor at the back of the room. They were scattered beneath an opening in the ceiling. A large fan was installed up there, its blades humming as they revolved.
There is no evidence for any "greenish-blue crystals", and the cyanide (Zyklon-B) story, while completely debunked by Revisionists, claims are that the gassing agent was dropped into 4 cage like wire mesh structures with no fans.

'Sonderbehandling', 'Eyewitness Auschwitz - Three Years in the Gas Chambers', by Filip Mueller.
also see: 'The Giant with Feet of Clay, Raul Hilberg....', by Juergen Graf.

more here:

Ah yes, Filip Mueller is proof of the 'holocaust', according the Roberto Muehenkamp and the shysters from the "Holocau$t Industry"

More to come on Industry spokesman, enforcer & comedian Roberto Muehlenkamp.
He embodies the essence of the clownish, irrational, & impossible 'holocaust' fraud.

This is too easy.

- Hannover

You will be arrested in 16 countries in Europe and in "that shitty little country" for exposing the lies of Filip Mueller.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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