Henry Ford's commentary on reported anti-Jewish atrocities (or, Henry Ford a Holocaust Revisionist already in the 1920s)

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Henry Ford's commentary on reported anti-Jewish atrocities (or, Henry Ford a Holocaust Revisionist already in the 1920s)

Postby Sannhet » 1 year 1 week ago (Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:53 am)

A pre-Holocaust editorial ("Jews Use the Peace Conference to Bind Poland") appeared in the Dearborn Independent, Henry Ford's newspaper, in 1920. It was later included in The International Jew: the World's Foremost Problem. This editorial is remarkable to me for how closely it mirrors many general points Revisionists would raise in later decades on the Holocaust controversy. Ford's points challenge the atrocity propaganda on simple factual grounds and on 'narrative' or 'framing' grounds (i.e., challenging the lies, half-truths, misdirections, bias, or lies-of-omission from the Jewish press and activist groups). I have bolded some key examples of this.

In other words, the purpose of this thread is to provide more evidence of pre-1940s "Holocaust" promotion (by this I mean the promotion of a shocked-belief that a genocidal campaign against Jews was happening in Europe, that urgent action was needed: Save the Jews!). This kind of thing, atrocity-story promotion with some distant Europeans as the villains, carried out effectively and guided by socially ascendant, ethnocentric Jews with political motivations, was not new when it emerged, a generation later, on the margins of the Soviet and the Jewish press in about 1944.

Jews Use the Peace Conference to Bind Poland
November 6, 1920 [Editorial]

[...] Here is, for illustration, trouble between the Jews and other people. It is a continuous situation.
There is always trouble between the two. We seldom hear of it, however, until the Jew begins to
get the worst of it. As long as the Jew remains on top, making the Gentile serve the Jewish plan,
there is no publicity whatever. The Gentiles may complain as much as they like, may protest
and rebel -- no international commissions arrive to investigate the matter.

Trouble between the Jews and other people is designated as trouble only when it begins to grow
inconvenient for the Jew. It is then that he sends the cry of "persecution" around the earth,
though the plain fact may be that he is only being nipped at his own game. The Poles saw how
the Jews clung together in the most admirable teamwork, a minority absolutely controlling the
majority because the minority formed a close corporation and the majority did not.
So the Poles
said: "We will take a leaf out of the Jews' own book. They work co-operatively among
themselves; we, therefore, will work co-operatively among ourselves." Which they did, and at
once the cry of "persecution" resounded loud and long; propaganda was begun against the good
name of the Poles, more resentment followed, regrettable violence ensued, and the dispute still

Jewish reports of these disturbances rarely go beyond the fact that Jews are suffering from
certain acts of the Polish populace. Incident after incident is given with full detail, and with a
very apparent journalistic appreciation of horror. Names, dates, places, circumstances are all in

Very well. It is no part of this article to deny or minimize the suffering of Jews wherever or for
whatever cause it may occur. There is nothing whatever to be said in extenuation of injustice
inflicted on the humblest human being. The murder of even one person, the terrorizing of even
one family, is a very terrible thing to contemplate. It is a great pity that the world has become so
accustomed to the piled-up tales of horror that it no longer has any sensibilities left to feel the
shame and degradation of these things. From the days of Belgium onward, all races in Europe
have suffered, and by sympathy all races in America have suffered with them, though it is a fact
that we hear more, far more, about the sufferings of the Jews than of any other people.

There is, however, this reaction of the practical mind: Why do these things occur? Grant that
robberies, assaults and murders described in the complaint, have occurred, why should they

Are the Polish people naturally given to perpetrating such acts? Have such acts marked the
residence of the Jews in Poland for the last 800 years? And if the Polish people are not naturally
abusive, if the story of the Jews' residence in Poland has been mostly pleasant, what causes the
change now? -- that is the way the practical mind works. It seeks to know the background.

[...] Captain Wright, who endeavored to put in all the background he could find to make Polish
conditions comprehensible to the British people, has been handled insultingly by the Jewish
press. They don't want investigation.They want sympathy for themselves and denunciation for
the Poles.

On one point all the reports agree, namely, that the unjust killing of Jews has been on a scale so
much smaller than that alleged by the propagandists that there is no comparison
. In that part of
Poland where war disorder was less common, 18 persons were unjustly deprived of their lives.
For the whole territory during the entire period when it was being overrun by various elements,
Sir Stuart Samuel admits, apparently with reluctance, that he can count only 348. Captain
Wright says: "I estimate that not more than 200 or 300 have been unjustly killed. One would be
too many, but, taking these casualties as a standard with which to measure the excesses
committed against them, I am more astonished at their smallness than their greatness." Sir H.
Rumbold says: "If the excesses had been encouraged or organized by the civil and military
authorities, the number of victims would probably have been much greater."

That the reader may see how the various reports run with reference to specific charges of
brutality, the agreements and divergences are set down. Look at the reports concerning what
happened at Lemberg.

[There follows an extensive review of evidence and testimony about the civil unrest and civil-war conditions in Lemberg [Lwow or Lviv], then in eastern Poland, in late 1918 and 1919 amid ethnic secession conflicts and the Bolshevik threat; Jews claimed Lemberg was an anti-Semitic pogrom with many Jews targeted and killed; evidence presented is of a much more mixed picture. See Battle of Lemberg (1918) and Lwow Pogrom (1918).]

The fact seems to be that as soon as any sort of order could be brought out of the
chaos of war, the disorder ceased. And yet we read even today in our newspapers, of "thousands
and tens of thousands of Jews being slaughtered in Poland."

In view of this state of affairs, it cannot be regarded as a fact of minor significance that the
Jewish investigators who must have known all this virtually concealed it
, and that the other
investigators brought it forth to general knowledge. Neither is it of minor significance that the
Jewish press has absolutely suppressed these facts even while pretending to give the results of
the British Mission's investigations.

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Re: Henry Ford's commentary on reported anti-Jewish atrocities (or, Henry Ford a Holocaust Revisionist already in the 19

Postby Sannhet » 1 year 1 week ago (Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:02 am)

As a footnote, one of Ford's central demands in this editorial, which I have not included in the excerpt as it is not relevant to the Holocaust parallel I want to make, is for a limit to further Jewish immigration to the USA.

We might say that the Jews' atrocity propaganda in the late 1910s and early 1920s, amid a chaotic situation with Bolsheviks staging bids for power across Europe, failed. Instead of provoking sympathy for the Jews, it may have provoked powerful enemies, a Ford-esque reaction in the U.S. 'WASP' elite, which may have been a contributing reason why, in 1921, the U.S. Congress passed a severely restrictionist immigration law. The Jews were now severely restricted from legally immigrating; this law was renewed and made permanent in 1924, the year it is most often associated with. (Post-postscript: The early 1920s immigration law was lifted in 1965; the new, more-open policy to replace it was effective from mid 1968.)

(I also note that the Holocaust is used to enforce compliance with open immigration policies across the West...)

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Re: Henry Ford's commentary on reported anti-Jewish atrocities (or, Henry Ford a Holocaust Revisionist already in the 19

Postby Hieldner » 1 year 1 week ago (Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:21 am)

Dramatization and celebration of atrocities committed by or against them is certainly a characteristic Jewish habit deeply rooted in their culture. Take the Kishinev (today the capital of Moldova) pogrom as an example. In the first pogrom (19/20 April 1903) 47 or 49 Jews were killed, in the second (19/20 October 1905) 19 were killed. This inspired countless news articles worldwide, books and poems were and are being written, pictures painted, there’s a Kishineff Pogrom elegy, website (http://kishinevpogrom.com) and it still “inspires” Jewish artists to this day, just as it inspired Israel Zangwill’s play “The Melting Pot”, where “the Jewish hero emigrates to America in the wake of the Kishinev pogrom, eventually confronting the Russian officer who led the rioters”. Here’s a New York Times quote from 1903 from the corresponding Wikipedia article, already very similar in style to Holocaust incantations:

The mob was led by priests, and the general cry, "Kill the Jews," was taken- up all over the city. The Jews were taken wholly unaware and were slaughtered like sheep. The dead number 120 and the injured about 500. The scenes of horror attending this massacre are beyond description. Babes were literally torn to pieces by the frenzied and bloodthirsty mob. The local police made no attempt to check the reign of terror. At sunset the streets were piled with corpses and wounded. Those who could make their escape fled in terror, and the city is now practically deserted of Jews.

»[Holocaust soap] odor, if captured and retained… would preserve the core of an individual soul… The undesirable smell of the extract spoke of the spectral Derridian trace… that continued to remind its consumers of their own bio-ontology.«—B. Shallcross

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Re: Henry Ford's commentary on reported anti-Jewish atrocities (or, Henry Ford a Holocaust Revisionist already in the 19

Postby Carto's Cutlass Supreme » 1 year 1 week ago (Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:22 pm)

Really good, Sannhet. You're dialed in.

I didn't know there was such a background to the city of Lemberg, Lvov, but I now add this to my understanding of Eichmann's 1961 trial testimony, which was obviously propaganda, where Eichmann said that he saw geysers of blood coming up from a field of recently buried Jews. If memory serves, that supposed incident happened at Lemberg or around Lemberg. And the reason why is probably that that city was a notorious one for Jews.

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Re: Henry Ford's commentary on reported anti-Jewish atrocities (or, Henry Ford a Holocaust Revisionist already in the 19

Postby Breker » 1 year 1 week ago (Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:08 pm)

Records of false atrocities claims by Jews, especially the magical '6,000,000', go way back to 1869, as we have seen before. Mr. Ford was on to something. No wonder he was said to be "antisemitic".
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