Sobibor: Jewish family reunited because of a pendant

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Sobibor: Jewish family reunited because of a pendant

Postby HeiligeSturm » 1 year 1 month ago (Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:18 am)

So, one Jewish family is at least partly united because of a pendant found at Sobibor.
Not very close family as one can understand when reading the story.

The news story begin with the usual "In late 1943, the Germans were desperate to cover all traces of their death camp in Sobibor, Poland. They demolished buildings, bulldozed the evidence, planted trees..."

"...archaeologists led by Yoram Haimi of the Israel Antiquities Authority set about excavating the site, uncovering gas chambers, mass graves..."
Emphasis added by me. So, where are those gas chambers? As we know here, none of the so called gas chambers have been found.

But then...

"Thanks largely to a grandson of Holocaust survivors who is an amateur genealogist, the living relatives of the girl whose pendant it was have been identified."
Emphasis added by me. So, you can be an amateur when it comes to genealogy but not with history.

"“We had this person who was completely forgotten, even by her surrounding relatives,” said the amateur genealogist, Chaim Motzen, who pieced together Karoline’s family tree. He said some people he contacted did not even know they had any connection to the Holocaust."

This is truly something new. I thought every Jew had/has connection to THE Holocaust.

“We now know the fate of Karoline’s cousins, aunts and uncles, many of whom were murdered in the Holocaust; people who were mostly forgotten.”
Of course they were murdered if you know anything about their whereabouts and they were forgotten anyway.
Never forget is not working here.

"He managed to identify more than 100 cousins around the world.

He found clues in the Yad Vashem archives, in obituaries, in marriage and death records. One contact led to another. Motzen recently located relatives in California who have “a trove of letters, including one from the mother of Karoline to her niece in America.” They are being translated.

Among them will be Barry Eisemann, 72, of Arlington, Virginia, and his extended family. A first cousin of Karoline Cohn, Eisemann hadn’t even known of her existence until Motzen contacted him and his daughter, Mandy, in January."

Then there is this story how some unknown relatives died in the Holocaust, Anne Frank, blah blah...

I wonder how these people who don't know their relatives in the first place can be so sure that those relatives were killed?
Those people seem to be those real Wandering Jews, all over the world.

"“We always talk about Anne Frank, but sometimes we forget that there were many other families..."
Of course, Anne Frank. How can they forget? Never forget is not working here. Again.

“We are using this one story, putting together the known pieces, and trying to say that we can’t forget who these people were and how they were murdered.”
Good luck with that.

"They located the remnants of four gas chambers"

The whole story here: ... -the-globe

Carol Stulberg: Were you ever in the gas chamber? Did you see the gas chamber?
Morris Venezia: Of course I was every day over there.
Carol Stulberg: Can you describe to us what it looked like?
Morris Venezia: It’s nothing to describe

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Re: Sobibor: Jewish family reunited because of a pendant

Postby Hannover » 1 year 1 month ago (Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:48 am)

So they can curiously find a pendant*, but cannot show us the remains of 250,000 Jews supposedly buried at Sobibor .... or the 900,000 supposedly buried at Treblinka, or the alleged remains of 1,250,000 at Auschwitz, or the alleged remains of 34,000 supposedly buried at Babi Yar, or remains of thousands of Jews supposedly buried at Minsk; on & on, location after alleged location.

* Hmm, it's claimed that the 'Nazis' stole all jewelry from Jews at camps like Sobibor. Oops.

And this is the alleged "gas chamber" supposedly found by Zionist Yoram Haimi at Sobibor. :lol:


See a complete demolition of the fake claims about Sobibor and the shyster archaeologist Haimi here:

"Gas chamber" discovered at Sobibor"
'Israel says Nazi camp excavations unearth link to Anne Frank'

Search Yoram Haimi here for more on this fraudulent 'archaeologist'.

- Hannover

Scholar Dr. Arthur Robert Butz has aptly stated:

"The ‘Holocaust’ is such a gigantic fraud that it is a cornucopia of absurdities.”
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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