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Re: Target Marketing: the Next Frontier

Postby Hektor » 3 years 2 months ago (Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:13 pm)

Landulf wrote:You should not favor any political standpoints when debating the hoax. It takes away your credibility. Just be academic and IF they call you a nazi, then end the debate with Reductio ad hitlerum.

Indeed, any loaded language is to be avoided. So no talk about "Zionists", which is difficult, since Jewish organizations definitely play a role in the broader history. So at times it will be difficult to keep politics out of the debate. Of course it will go in the direction of "White Washing the Nazis" at some point. Meaning:"But your point of view means that the Nazis weren't that bad". Well, should what is taught in school as fact depend on who is "white washed" and who's not? Bear in mind that people believe things out of convenience, anybody else does seem to believe it, so it's OK in their mind, even when it's a lie.

You can't avoid the subjects of psychological warfare and atrocity propaganda neither. And that gets also to the motives of each side. But the big thing is the empirical evidence for each claim or in case of the Holocaust, the absence of it.

As said you need to select your target group carefully. They got to be interested and be capable of grasping what it is about. Great if they are multipliers, so the effort is not limited and ultimately wasted on them.

The good thing is that I can observe people at least back chatting on issues relating to "The Holocaust" and "World War Two". But I don't always think they make really good arguments. Sometimes they overplay their hand and frequently I can see that the point isn't argued well, which may result from a lack of grasp on the language. But they may be a good group to start with. Marketing not only works finding the customers, but making sure the customers find you.

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