Are We Close To Tipping Point?

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Re: Are We Close To Tipping Point?

Postby Hektor » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:42 am)

Elroy wrote:...

I respect your opinion of course as it may turn out to be so. The "afterlife" part of religious beleifs is certainly a spiritual fraud that provides the strongest of pulls for one to take faith. However the pull of the notion that the Holocaust is "overwhelmingly evidenced- materialistically, documentrarily and by witnesses that are independently documented"- may be fraudulent, but this belief is ingrained so strongly that opposition appears insane.

I think the fact that care about the Holocaust IS dwindling actually works to solidify the myth after a long long time has gone by. This is because a lack of care (which is most people today) detracts people from actually learning for themselves that the whole thing is a lie.
Traditional religious belief is mostly based on revelation. But that's also the trouble with it, because who says that "revelation" wasn't just an imagination. Epistemological both are quite close together.

The "lack of care" is indeed quite common. Why don't people care? Because the distance gap between supposed event and present gets bigger. And then there is the factor of Holocaust fatigue. The repeated indoctrination attempts get boring and hence have a declining success rate.

Elroy wrote:In a few hours anybody can "rationally" liberate themselves from the "1.0" religious beliefs. But liberation from the Holocaust Myth takes months upon months of solid reading and viewing. People will just not take that time. The "Big Lie" technique holds true I think- that the people will continue to think upon hearing some facts that there must be some other explanation.

Once memory of the Holocaust is gone- the work is done- it has become an embedded myth.

The thing about the Holocaust Myth is that it's not just about the German's or the victims it has helped annihilate since.. It is about "Democracy". It successfully covers the truthfulness about political and economic realities masking the true totalitarian nature of our democracy's which are under a Jewish hegemony.

If the Holocaust Myth should break- the social order will inevitably be called into question- the common person does not realise the importance of the myth in this regard and why the myth must be upheld. It is the new "myth" that has replaced Christianity now largely in the West diverting the people back toward Jewish interests.
The thing is that any beliefs can or in fact do have a religious nature. There isn't anything necessarily irrational about religious belief neither. In fact the idea of rationality does stem from Christian Philosophy that preceded the enlightenment period.

What makes the Holocaust different from other religions (at least in the West) is:
- That it doesn't pretend to be a religion, just some "historical fact" of importance, because it contains "moral lessons".
- That it is widely believed and taken very serious, while traditional religious believe of the West aren't really taken that serious.
- That it has quite some power backing of influential groups and people in government, media, civil society.

That the Holocaust is indeed a Myth doesn't depend on its veracity. The Myth character comes with its emotional load and importance it got to the public in general.

Elroy wrote:Another point is that "National pride" is a very very strong "pull" as well- like afterlife.

People cannot accept that in the most brutal war in history that we were or might have been "the bad guy" or that we went to war blindly with a nation that did not want war at any cost and killed a whole lot of people- the Holocaust Myth covers these other realities providing the comfortable good vs evil duality with us positioned at the good extreme of the moral compass.

I do not think it's going anywhere soon- the propaganda is immense.

I noticed that as well. If ones Granddad went to war with Germany / the Axis power, then how couldn't they be the "bad guys". That leads to credulity based on convenience. The twin of this fallacious "reasoning" is suspecting anyone that "denies the Holocaust" of being "a Nazi that wants to white-wash Hitler". With Germans it gets more complicated. They actually should have that kind of motive to "deny" the Holocaust, but they are of its fiercest offenders. For them it probably gets a bit more hot, since, if the Holocaust is wrong, the legitimacy of their political order (and credibility of their intellectual classes) will be called into question. I'm not saying that this is the conscious reasoning of German Holocaust Defenders, but it's the ulterior workings for them. Additionally there is the false pride of not admitting that one has been duped for so long.

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Re: Are We Close To Tipping Point?

Postby Hegwood » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:57 pm)

Holocaust deniers/revisionists are no where near a tipping point. All you have to do is look at the number of visitors logged in to this forum. Rarely are there more than ten at any time. That is if I am to believe the numbers at the bottom of this screen. Currently it is myself and 3 guests.

In the U. S. there are perhaps a hundred million people, maybe more, who distrust the main stream media. Many I dare say cannot pin down exactly why the don't trust it. After all it controls so much of what they know and believe they have no basis to form a definite opinion. Yet the holocaust narrative is an obvious grotesque lie that they should use the prime example of how distrustful and corrupt this media is.

However, only 3 of those millions are currently curious enough to see what is being discussed by revisionist. No, revisionist's are not anywhere near a tipping point.

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Re: Are We Close To Tipping Point?

Postby Moderator » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:48 pm)

Your "logged in" is a highly invalid metric, quite different from visiting, reading, and learning. One is not required to login to read, view everything that is here and at the main CODOH site. "Users online" is the key number, and that changes almost by the second.

Individuals cannot login until they are registered to post, and they usually only do so when they are prepared to comment, makes sense, eh?
The nature of our anti troll /anti spam / anti name calling basic guidelines eliminates a lot of trash posts from both sides of the aisle. It get's real & serious here. And that's a good thing for everyone.

Ah yes, you forgot about all of that.

I should also remind you that we currently have
Total posts 76,032 • Total topics 9,921 • Total members 1,433 •Most users ever online was 763 on Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:22 am

Our most read thread:
'Cyanide Chemistry at Auschwitz'
has 203,688 views

CODOH visits over all are way, way up.

Too, there is the ever growing list of scholarly books & videos:
plus the masterful Inconvenient History serial:
in addition to the CODOH main site latest info.:

Best, M1
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Re: Are We Close To Tipping Point?

Postby Elroy » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:42 am)

In all due respect Moderator- whilst I do not dispute your clarification in any actual point- I do think that even the actual figures relevant do indicate that there's no "tipping point" in sight...

The common person by far in the West considers the Holocaust to be a fact despite not caring and denial insane and stupid.

I consider Holocaust Denial / Revisionism to be the ultimate triumph of human intellectual might over the most disgusting tyranny the world will ever have to face and don't consider there to be any "actual" opposition to that- but that opinion is like Gallileo's- an extreme minority opinion of the time.

The figures are very disdaining as anybody in the know knows that "codoh" is the only unbiased revisionist site which despite my former protest I absolutely understand why that is totally necessary for it to be that. Therefore it is a reflection of paramount importance.

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Re: Are We Close To Tipping Point?

Postby _KzQ_ » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:30 pm)

For anyone who basically spends a lot of time following Zionist lobbies in the US and the wars they help bring about - and is overjoyed at the defeat of the latest Zionist wars in Syria and Iraq by a coalition of solid allies led by Iran - I can honestly say the scope for exposing world Jewry is greater now than ever.

Stay positive guys :)

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Re: Are We Close To Tipping Point?

Postby Review » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Sun Dec 24, 2017 8:27 pm)

Elroy wrote:.....Holocaust Denial / Revisionism... that opinion is like Gallileo's- an extreme minority opinion of the time.

Is 1/3 [of those aware of the storyline] doubting [parts of the narrative about] the holocaust really a minority opinion ? Was the Earth-centric worldview doubted by 1/3 of the people [who knew basic things about different worldviews] in Galileo's days ?

Only 54 percent of the people surveyed by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in a massive, global poll have ever heard of the Holocaust. ...32 percent of these believe the event to have been greatly exaggerated or a myth.


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Re: Are We Close To Tipping Point?

Postby Elroy » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:46 am)

Review wrote:Is 1/3 [of those aware of the storyline] doubting [parts of the narrative about] the holocaust really a minority opinion ? Was the Earth-centric worldview doubted by 1/3 of the people [who knew basic things about different worldviews] in Galileo's days ?

You highlighted the problem here yourself... The average person does not KNOW the storyline (2/3 by your data) and doesn't really care enough to learn it. Particularly since learning the lie takes long enough- learning the TRUTH takes months at the least unless one is prepared to watch docs and read 24/7 and already know or have someone kindly show them where to watch and read.

In Gallileo's day- the information was likewise suppressed even more thoroughly because there was no internet. Also the doctrine of heliocentrism challenged the religious denomination directly embedded by those people.

The holocaust myth does this directly to the religious denomination directly embedded within it- the Jewish people which nearly unanimously believe. It INdirectly does so to the Christian and Atheist people.

This is why the Holocaust is a second order religious belief- able to cross 1st order barriers and even into atheists too and infect them with the memetic disease.

More people believe in the Holocaust today, than believe in Christianity in total (2.2 billion), in Islam in total (1.4 billion) or in Judaism in total (15 million). And there are far more than atheists as well.

If you polled the whole "Western world of these 4 groups combined- you'll come up with more holocaust belief amongst these people than the total of any those 4 groups represented individually in the Western world- that's a bit of a tongue twister but it serves to prove that the Holocaust Myth- is now the primary relgiious device in the West and the world.

It comes complete with miracles, saviours, the lot.

Only 54 percent of the people surveyed by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in a massive, global poll have ever heard of the Holocaust. ...32 percent of these believe the event to have been greatly exaggerated or a myth.

You quoted the Anti-Defamation League... The ADL is a terrorist organisation under front of a moral highground. A hate-speech and intolerance platform under the guise of anti-hate-speech and tolerance. The promote lies and prosecute people for telling the truth among other nastier business.

Even IF that figure was true, then who did they poll? It doesn't SEEM correct does it? Do 54% of the people in your street claim they've never heard of the Holocaust? Do 32% claim the Holocaust is propaganda? Of course not and it's no different in any other country and America, Australia and Britain are the most lenient in the Western world (Canada and Europe being harder dictatorships). If it was true then the myth would be done and the war would be over and there would be an enormous social upheaval, question of our democracy and expulsion of international jewry.

But of course the ADL has a powerful motive for promoting these figures. They don't spend money on global surveys to support their totalitarianism- they make them up and claim it was through research! The motive would be obviously to cause alarm at the lack of belief in people and promote the need for "education" on the Holocaust in the false fear that the dreaded "Nazi's" as they are depicted in the lie-story will make a come back in some form...

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Re: Are We Close To Tipping Point?

Postby borjastick » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:10 am)

Elroy, you have to understand the start point to the survey from the ADL perspective. They wanted more publicity to support what they do -promote jewish suffering and the need for the world to recognise such and pay for it. Thus they work out where they want the survey to go and what it should reveal before they even ask one question. It's simple, they want to show that holocaust knowledge and understanding are in decline, thus they can shake the money tree for more investment and so doing get more control over any debate that might reveal the truth.

Thus they bring the whole world population into the game and state that 52% don't know about the holocaust and don't really give a monkey's anyway. But why oh why would the Indian sub continent, China, south east Asia and large swathes of south America know anything about the holocaust and more to the point want to?

Do I know the ins and outs of ancient and even less ancient military and social interventions and injustices in these places? No.

More importantly in the western world the backlash against the 'no platformers' and snowflake libtards is beginning. Free speech in Universities is not only to be promoted but enforced - ... -minister/ Universities minister Jo Johnson (brother of Boris the UK's Foreign Secretary) insisted that he will enforce free speech.
"Universities should be places that open minds, not close them, where ideas can be freely challenged," Mr Johnson will say.

"In universities in America and worryingly in the UK, we have seen examples of groups seeking to stifle those who do not agree with them.

This should mean that one can debate and question any subject including the holocaust.

However my suspicion is that the showflakes will still scream and bitch about whatever they deem as unacceptable (to them) and use the usual refrain of 'Hate speech' to target what they don't like. jewish groups will do the same to anyone who wants to talk about the truth of israel's occupation of Palestine and the holocaust.

The problem for these people is that not only do they dislike anyone who says what they don't agree with but they want to suppress and control that thought and expression thereof.

Remember, an 'anti semite' is anyone or anything a jew doesn't like.
'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'

'We don't need evidence, we have survivors' - israeli politician

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