Einsatzgruppen incongruity

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Einsatzgruppen incongruity

Postby Elroy » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:26 am)

Watching David Irving today (which I'm having trouble refinding now to link) describe archival evidence (which escapes me to the source?) for the following..

Joseph Stalin discussing with the other WW2 victors the carving up of German territory their "shares"..

Apparently he stated that Russia should receive something like the lions share or such and such share based on the fact that quote Irving and presumably Stalin- "almost five (5) million Russian's had been killed"..

Irving goes on to describe how Stalin would not have had any reason to downplay it and every reason to exaggerate it- which is an irrefutable point.

So it would seem that not only the Soviet propaganda regarding Auschwitz and Madjanek needed to be lowered after the Soviet collapse (mentioning only official concessions) but their propaganda war death toll as well!

Based on this figure of 5 million- this would point to the fact that if the Einsatz propaganda figures are anywhere near true- 2 million...

Then we're supposed to believe that 40% or almost HALF the Russian death-toll was due to Einsatzgruppen killings and not from actual German vs Russian forces in conflict or the civilian populations caught up in that during battle either?

Hard to believe isn't it!

Can't wait for this!


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Re: Einsatzgruppen incongruity

Postby Marley775 » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:52 am)

Belgian revisionist Siegfried Verbeke compiled the number of executions from Einsatzgruppen's 3000 pages reports from which only dozens of pages were related to executions. The documents also revealed that the executions had nothing to do with a planned extermination.

The video below is introduced by French revisionist Vincent Reynouard.

[Lying Judges and Historians Caught Red-Handed
In this interview with Vincent Reynouard, Siegfried Verbeke, who studied all of the general reports of actions of the Einsatzgruppens, reveals the number of victims which is reached by counting all the killings (a number that must be revised downwards, up to a factor of 10, stresses Reynouard, with supporting documents). He explains why, after reading the reports, his mind is made up: the "Holocaust by bullets" is a myth]

https://archive.org/details/VincentReyn ... Mensonges#

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Re: Einsatzgruppen incongruity

Postby Hannover » 3 years 3 weeks ago (Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:51 pm)

Remember Elroy, the Einsatzgruppen were behind-the-lines troops who pursued non-uniformed illegal combatants, saboteurs / terrorists, so called "partisans".
I doubt they would have encountered great numbers of Red Army troops.

However, as stated before:
Hannover wrote:The Industry now claims that ca. 2,000,000 Jews were shot by the Einsatzgruppen into huge pits, so, anyone, please show us the excavated enormous mass graves that are claimed to exist, their locations are allegedly known.
Is that:
100 graves of 20,000?
200 graves of 10,000?
400 graves of 5,000?
500 graves of 4,000?
1000 graves of 2000?
2000 graves of 1000?

Search einsatzgruppen at this forum for tons more info. which simply demolishes the absurd claims made about them.

- Hannover

Healthy Jews at Auschwitz 'liberation', yet it's claimed that 'the Germans tried to kill every Jew they could get their hands on'.

If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Einsatzgruppen incongruity

Postby Hektor » 2 years 11 months ago (Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:17 am)

Elroy wrote:Watching David Irving today (which I'm having trouble refinding now to link) describe archival evidence (which escapes me to the source?) for the following..

It's not by any coincidence this video or mentioned therein?

My view on David Irving is that he's backing down on too much issues, probably getting old and tired down fighting pushy people that just insist on claims to be facts.

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