The "real" extermination program of the German's

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The "real" extermination program of the German's

Postby Elroy » 2 years 1 month ago (Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:04 am)

From the barbecuing alive of 61 German cities, wiping them clean by fire, to the starvation, work and torture to death in the post-war camps for the Germans, the mass rapes and murders by the conquerer's and the forced expulsions leading to desolation and death during and after the war..

To the breeding out of the German people today and destruction of their own birthrate through diaboloical principles...

All of which we have evidenced for irrefuatably from start to finish unlike the counter and "officially established" charge for which there has never been any credible evidence and quite the contrary..

Nothing is quite as chilling as the Jewish plans delivered to us by Ernst Zundel here...

Who reads us the relevant passages of "Germany Must Perish" by Theodore Kaufman, the full text here.. ... Perish.pdf

Fully endorsed by the Washington Post and the New York Times and others and Kaufman- a prominent American businessman and Chairman of the American Federation of Peace...

In it we see his "widely loved at the time" opinion that the whole German population should be sterilised and also starved to death.

As opposed to the sterilisation and euthanasia by humane means of the most severely mentally ill and those with no quality of life- something changed on want of the citizenry within Germany and what a great many would advocate today (if they knew the actual truth about the action).


The Holocaust goons could never and cannot produce anything like this! Can you imagine if a German had written something like this back in 1941 and it had gotten into the hands of the Jews and allies? Instead of that we have "code words".

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