note to 'bulletbill22'

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note to 'bulletbill22'

Postby Moderator » 9 months 6 days ago (Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:19 am)

You recently tried to start a single thread on TEN topics within the "Holocaust" narrative.
Actually, you were merely quoting the content of a link which I assume you felt was credible.
That makes for a very unwieldy, muddled, difficult to follow way to debate each point.
Please see our basic guidelines, which you agreed to when registering, especially about one topic per thread, not TEN, and about quotes & links.
Holocaust Revisionism Forum guidelines / rules
All of your points have been covered repeatedly, you may want to look around and post to existing threads.
But, no problem, you can start threads on each one of them and tell us why you believe what's claimed in your link.
We look forward to your return.
Thanks, M1

Only lies need to be shielded from debate, truth welcomes it.

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