Bone-crushing "Holocaust"?

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Re: Bone-crushing "Holocaust"?

Postby trevor » 9 years 6 months ago (Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:29 am)

The famous photo of the “ portable bone-crushing machine” in Janowska ( if the photo really comes from Janowska and if it is a grinding machine at all) is nothing else than a photo of an ordinary grinding machine that were produced in Janowska already before the WWII in a Jewish owned factory.

In the paragraph that talks about Janowska concentration camp:

“On Janowska Street, a major road leading northwest from Lwow, was a factory for manufacturing grinding machines” Before the war, the factory at 132-134 Janowska Street was under Jewish ownership. Then, in 1939, it was nationalized by the Soviets. With the German occupation of 1941, the SS set up armament workshops on the site.”

The company was called Steinhaus and Company (Towarzystwo Budowy Maszyn)

The same thing is mentioned in this book: The Nazi Holocaust by Michael Robert Marrus

Wiki mentions it as well:

“In addition to the Lwów ghetto, in September 1941, the Germans set up a D.A.W. (Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke - the German Armament Works) workshop in prewar Steinahus' mill machines factory on 134 Janowska Street” ... ation_camp
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Re: Bone-crushing "Holocaust"?

Postby proxyserver » 9 years 6 months ago (Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:19 pm)

Hannover said:
And by the way, it's definitely 'Reinhardt', with a 't'.

And why would that be, Hannover, or anyone else who cares to answer?

This Comrade Seinfeld sounds to me like a very perceptive individual, but perhaps he (?) could have taken the matter further, and asked why it would not have been simply possible for the alleged German perpetrators to simply, after the open-air cremations, to bring in front-end loaders and some tip-trucks (did they have those in the 1940's?), as well as perhaps utilizing mechanical bone-crushers (would have been good for agricultural purposes!), and taken all the cremated forensic remains to some place remote from the scene of the crime to be buried perhaps (always a good criminal strategy!).

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Re: Bone-crushing "Holocaust"?

Postby Atigun » 9 years 6 months ago (Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:17 pm)

A cursory look at the link furnished by Trevor reveals the daily menu for the workers at the Janowska factory. They were given two cups of coffee or perhaps somewhat less since they had to use some of their coffee for shaving, some warm water and one sixteenth of a loaf of bread. A brief search of 'calories, bread' revealed that a very large loaf of whole wheat could have as much as 1680 calories. One sixteenth of that would, of course, be approx. 105 calories. The workers used coffee to shave with because it was their only source of hot water and being clean shaven demonstrated to the guards that they were in good physical condition. With a daily caloric intake of a little over 100 calories, I don't think that shaving will make a person appear healthy.

Given that kind of rubbish in the link, why should we believe any drivel about 'grinding machines'? What kind of 'grinding machine'? A ball mill, as shown in a previous post, a stamp mill, a crusher, what was it? Did the Germans use a screening plant to separate dirt and sand from the bones or did they just run the whole works through the magic 'grinding machine'? The magic 'grinding machine' appears to be like the magic elevator at Auschwitz. Nobody knows anything about it so it can do anything the believers claim.

The Warden
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Re: Bone-crushing "Holocaust"?

Postby The Warden » 9 years 6 months ago (Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:21 am)

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