New French film on "Nazi Medical Horrors"

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New French film on "Nazi Medical Horrors"

Postby Inquisitor » 3 years 4 months ago (Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:42 am) ... doc-yl4n91

A new documentary about the scale of Nazi medical experiments has reopened old wounds in France as one of the country's leading universities investigates whether its stores still contain the remains of some Jewish victims.

Dr Michel Cymes, the star of a French television medical advice programme, believes that the remains of some of the 86 Jews tortured and mutilated by SS doctor August Hirt may still be in the anatomy collection of the University of Strasbourg.

Apparently, this aired on French television just recently.

He first raised the theory in his 2015 bestseller, "Hippocrates in Hell", and repeated the claim in a new film of the same name shown on French TV this week we get quickly into the motivation...

Cymes, both of whose Polish-born grandfathers perished at Auschwitz, said he had little idea how extensive Nazi medical experiments had been until he started his own investigation.

He concentrated on the atrocities committed by Karl Gebhardt, the personal physician of SS chief Heinrich Himmler, and his assistant Dr Herta Oberheuser.

Of course Himmler's personal physician would be a monster among monsters...

Most of this is standard atrocity rehearsing, but the article is brief. Perhaps someone in France or a French-speaker has seen this or can add more about the claims and such they are putting forward here.

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Re: New French film on "Nazi Medical Horrors"

Postby slob » 3 years 4 months ago (Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:34 pm)

I know we should not scoff, and it is neither here nor there, but the man making it is jewish and had family that died going to Auschwitz???

Michel Cymes

The grandparents of Michel Cymes are Polish Jews who emigrated to France in 1922 . His two grandfathers died in deportation to Auschwitz during the Second World War . His parents, Nathan and Anna, were tailors at home, then his father becomes a bailiff and his mother trades in real estate . He has a brother, Franck, 9 years younger, who is, in 2011, Director of Derivatives and Events at France Télévisions 2 . ... rev=search

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