Otto Frank's letter of April 30, 1941

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Otto Frank's letter of April 30, 1941

Postby David M » 1 year 1 week ago (Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:30 pm)

Interesting to note that it was the Americans who asked for the bank deposit.
The Germans let everyone leave.

Also wondering what the redacted portion of the letter reads. Why redact anything except for the fact Otto Frank was a shady character.

Letter from Otto Frank to a Friend in New York

April 30, 1941

New York, N.Y.

Dear Charley,

[Portion of letter redacted] I am forced to look out for emigration and as far as I can see U.S.A. is the only country we could go to. Perhaps you remember that we have two girls. It is for the sake of the children mainly that we have to care for. Our own fate is of less importance. Two brothers of Efith emigrated last year and they work as ordinary workmen around Boston. Both of them earn money, but not enough to have us come. They would be able to give an affidavit for their mother, living with us here, and they seaved [sic] enough as far as Ican [sic] make out, to pay the passage for my mother-in-law. [Portion redacted.]

In 1938 I filed an application in Rotterdam to emigrate to U.S.A. but all the papers have been destroyed there. [Portion redacted.] The dates of application are of no importance any longer, as everyone who has an effective affidavit from a member of his family and who can pay his passage may leave. One says that no special difficulties shall be made from the part of the German Authorities. But in the case that an affidavit from family members is not available or not sufficient the consul asks a bank deposit. How much he would ask in my case I dont [sic] know. I am not allowed to go to Rotterdam and without an introduction the consul would not even accept me. As far as I hear from other people it might be about $5000.— for us four. You are the only person I know that I can ssk [sic]: Would it be possible for you to give a deposit in my favor? ... 98#7401663

"Richard Breitman, a professor of German history at American University, say the documents reveal that the actions of Nazi Germany weren't the only impediments that kept the Frank family from fleeing. Breitman. "The Frank family could have probably gotten out of the Netherlands even during much of the year 1941 but the decision to try hard came relatively late." Breitman has it wrong. The German government did not impose any restrictions on the departure of the Frank family. Breitman is also very wrong regarding the actions of the US.

According to Breitman, the U.S. restricted immigration in the name of protecting national security. A suspicion of those who were different, Anti-Semitism and xenophobia played a part. Breitman can't seem to read and loves to play the "Victim Card." The issue was economic. Either
the applicant needed family members who could and would support or he needed to show some other means of economic support.

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