Crematoria firebrick

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Crematoria firebrick

Postby Spatton » 3 years 1 week ago (Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:46 pm)

I could not find too much info on the durability of the firebricks used for the crematoria ovens on this forum so I though it might be a good idea to start one as I find this piece of evidence very intereting.

So according to Rudolph (and as I read here, mattongo), we know from the germans careful documentation of every bolt and brick that the firebrick of the auschwitz crematoria was never replaced. As the firebrick would break down after about 2000 burnings (3000 according to the construction company) there could not have been more than around 200 000 burnings at auschwitz. Since allegedly there were 1.5 million murders at auschwitz, there are 1.3 million corpses not accounted for. Do the holocaust believers realise how massive this number is? This is a mountain of corpses that you can't just hide away with a few firepits and shallow graves. Not that long ago I read an article about how they found a hundred or so corpses somehwere in central europe from a battle that took place more than 5000 years ago. Surely finding 1.3 million corpses from 70 years ago shouldn't be that hard, right?

Secondly what about the ash? If only 200 000 corpses were burned, that would leave around 320 000 kg of ash if I calculate average of 1.6 kg of ash left over per person. 1.6 would be the lowest number I've found but adults would usually leave alot more, especially men, children might not leave any ashses as their bones are mostly cartilage apparantly. Now 320 000 kg roughly translates to 353 tons of ash leftover. For comparison this image containts bags of sand, each of which contains 1 ton of sand: ... 50.jpg&f=1
So how did the germans get rid of 352 of these? You'd need to be shoveling ashes day and night to get rid of it, constantly moving trucks in and out of the camps to dump it somewhere, I assume they didn't have the machinery we have today. And that's if we go with the firebrick not being replaced. If 1.5 million people were cremated, as the holocaust believers claim, we're left with a whopping 2646 tons of ashes to get rid of. How many fields can you fertilize with that?!

Lastly can someone provide me with a link to the manifesto the germans kept of all their materials at auschwitz? I don't think I've ever seen these documents.

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Re: Crematoria firebrick

Postby Marley775 » 3 years 1 week ago (Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:25 pm)

Mattogno says in his book 'Auschwitz, The case for sanity' that no documents shows major maintenance for Birkenau's muffles. I.e , Changing Krema II/III muffles bricks lining would have generated a lot of downtime. Needless to say that it would have been necessary to shutdown an entire set of triple muffle to repair only one because they were heated by the same oven.

"If, as van Pelt wants us to believe, 500,000 persons had been gassed and incinerated in crematorium II alone, it would have been necessary to rebuild the 15 muffles ([500,000]÷[15×2,000] =) 16 times over the period involved! Such an effort would have generated a torrent of documents, but there is no trace of anything like this in the copious ex-change of correspondence between Topf and the Auschwitz ZBL."

The only known documents regarding this was adressed to Krema 1:

"The documents, as mentioned above, speak only of the shipment to Auschwitz of one freight-car of refractory material: on December 1941 ZBL had ordered it as 'replacement material for repair work.' This material was actually used for repairs on the second crematorium oven at the Auschwitz main camp. Considering this rebuilding of the refractory brickwork of the two muffles, the ovens
of this crematorium could have handled at best 16,000 corpses. Hence, the total number of corpses which could have been incinerated in the
Auschwitz-Birkenau ovens is about(92,000+16,000 =) 108,000. This constitutes another confirmation of the fact that cremation of the allegedly gassed victims was technically impossible."

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Re: Crematoria firebrick

Postby Hannover » 3 years 1 week ago (Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:57 pm)

There's plenty about the crematorium being down for repairs.

ex. from:

SS Kurt Prufer, told the officers of SMERSCH (according to documents found in the Moscow archives) that only one body at a time could be cremated per muffle and that the cremation time took 60 minutes, and that they tried to cremate 2 bodies at a time; but the temperature inside the muffle went so high that it damaged the oven.
- There was a total 52 muffles of Auschwitz, never used simultaneously.

- 38 is the most that were ever online simultaneously.

- The 6 at Auschwitz I were taken out of action as soon as the new ones at Birkenau came online. These were in turn liable to long periods of breakdowns and even idleness.

Mattogno focuses on other indications of usage and capacities including repair records,
and much more:

- Hannover

If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Crematoria firebrick

Postby RouterAl » 3 years 1 week ago (Tue May 01, 2018 3:59 am)

I understand that the fire bricks were more fragile than normal bricks and that repeat cremation would weaken the fire bricks , hence they would need replacement routinely. Would it not be in the interests of the operators to use the metal table they insert the corpses into the oven to damage the fire brick lining and hasten the downtime of the oven. If they were cremating normal people that would be a good action to take no point in killing people if you cannot cremate them, however if they were getting rid of Typhus infected corpses the operators would be keen to process the body as quickly as possible and keep the ovens in good running order.
Slightly off subject my brother-in-laws wife died recently , it was 14 days before he could get a slot in any of the crematoria in a 25 mile radius of his home , but some how the Germans managed a 1000 a day in stone age crematoria equipment using coke and not gas.

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