Ursula Haverbeck didn't show up at Prison

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Re: Ursula Haverbeck didn't show up at Prison

Postby Dresden » 1 month 1 week ago (Sun May 13, 2018 11:48 am)

"We young and old, man for man, clasping the Freedom Banner! "

These four veterans of the Army and Waffen-SS, aged from 90 to 98 years, demanding freedom for their young comrade Ursula!

Comrades from the Old Reich and the Ostmark show solidarity with Ursula Haverbeck in Saxony.

Long live the National Solidarity!

Maybe, just maybe, they believe what they are telling you about the 'holocaust', but maybe, just maybe, their contempt for your intelligence and your character is beyond anything you could ever have imagined. -- Bradley Smith

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Re: Ursula Haverbeck didn't show up at Prison

Postby Hektor » 1 month 1 week ago (Sun May 13, 2018 3:23 pm)

Dresden wrote:https://die-rechte.net/allgemein/einbruch-haus-der-inhaftierten-ursula-haverbeck-verwuestet/

Burglary: House of imprisoned Ursula Haverbeck devastated!

While the 89-year-old Ursula Haverbeck is imprisoned in the prison Bielefeld - Brackwede for her expression, in her absence someone broke into her home in Vlotho (district of Herford). The perpetrators tried first to break the front door, but failed because of the security precautions. Then they hit a side window and ransacked several rooms inside the home. According to the current state, it is unclear whether they are "normal" burglars or criminal left-wing extremists are behind the act, apparently, however, the perpetrators had looked for valuables, how high the damage inside the home is, is also unknown. The house was meanwhile sealed by the police for the purpose of securing evidence. It is still unclear whether Ursula Haverbeck is allowed to visit her home to check if and which items may have been stolen. Should the administration of the Brackwede Prison refuse to allow such an execution, the investigations would be deliberately torpedoed.

That reminds me of he argument around farm murders in South Africa. Because occasionally stuff is stolen, this is used as an argument to claim that the attacks, tortures and murders aren't political. That left-wing extremists wouldn't steal is (and only "vandalize" - Isn't that term racist? ) is really an odd argument. There very ideology is based in theft and violent transfer of goods from those that have to those that "need".

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Re: Ursula Haverbeck didn't show up at Prison

Postby Dresden » 1 month 1 week ago (Sun May 13, 2018 5:21 pm)

Hektor said:

"There very ideology is based in theft and violent transfer of goods from those that have to those that "need""

I'm pretty sure the reason for (((ransacking))) Ursula's house, was to make Her life miserable and to destroy some of Her memories and documents that She has accumulated.....just my opinion.
Maybe, just maybe, they believe what they are telling you about the 'holocaust', but maybe, just maybe, their contempt for your intelligence and your character is beyond anything you could ever have imagined. -- Bradley Smith

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Re: Ursula Haverbeck didn't show up at Prison

Postby phdnm » 1 month 1 week ago (Mon May 14, 2018 2:01 pm)

It’s the Americans Who Have Put Ursula Haverbeck into Prison

Posted on May 12, 2018

and it’s certain Americans who have flooded Germany with blacks, Muslims, and races and cultures of all types who are raping our women and girls, murdering, robbing and destroying Germany. I am not referring to every American but those who support the Holocaust as fact and their evil Jewish dictators.




Translation of the German video “Solidarität mit Ursula Haverbeck” below

Bielefeld May 10, 2018 – Solidarity with Ursula Haverbeck

Sign: “Freedom for Ursula Haverbeck.”

Speaker: We demand freedom for Ursula Haverbeck. We demand freedom of opinion, freedom of… (?) and all those freedoms listed in Article 5 of the Constitution.

0:18 Nikolai (Der Volkslehrer): Friends we are here in a dark underpass to the train station Bielefeld-Senne because today we have the event to show solidarity with Frau Ursula Haverbeck, who was taken into custody just recently and is incarcerated in the prison Bielefeld.

0:39 We are heading there now – we are late –. Back there I hear something going on, and it could end up in a spectacular fight. But it would also be pretty interesting to see what “stuff the Volkslehrer is made of”.

1:02 Writing on the screen: “Oh, too bad, it’s only the police.”

1:20: Finally, after walking Kilometers toward the prison… There are the decent people over there. And over here – pointing to the right – there are the [inaudible: probably “not decent ones.” He means the Antifa and Communists. They are making disparaging remarks about Ursula with their signs. One of the signs is about Ursula rising up to Heaven, probably meaning they want her death; another sign states: “She is still 88.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean.]

1:44 Writing on the screen: “Let’s go to the upright ones.”

1:50 Speaker: …that this Republic can say, “basically we have freedom of opinion but if you use it, then we will lock you up.” We are not a better state than the Deutsche Demokratische Republik was [DDR=former East Germany]. We are on the same road as North Korea, and all those [states] that are accused by this Republic in any shape or form of being oppressive states, [should look at us]. We live in an oppressive state. But one only notices this when one tries to cast aside the chains around us. And exactly this is our calling.

2:21: When the 500 people who stand here go home today and say, “This is injustice, and this I won’t allow”, then they have surely comprehended that the next days, at least the days that Ursula Haverbeck is spending in jail, they are to take over her work on the streets, take her place, and tell this Republic, “With us, this will no longer fly!” … Freedom of opinion, most of all for Germans.

3:07 Sign: Rustle you oaks; sound you songs; glorious Germany adorn yourself again.

3:08 Sign: Freedom for Ursula. You are a terrible judiciary. National Resistance Zweibrücken/ Rhineland Palatinate.

3:10: Sign: Against police brutality and state repression organize resistance!

3:25 Nikolai joyfully: I think the national resistance is marching here. That’s good. We need it just right now.

3:28 Sign: Freedom for Ursula Haverbeck.

3:32 Well you can see that the National Resistance is pretty well built. Not a good idea to get into a scuffle with them! But they are surely very peace loving. They only want to discuss and change the world with the weapon of the spirit.

3:55 Sign Edward Snowden: When the exposure of crimes is treated as if a criminal act has been committed, then we are ruled by criminals.

4:13 The first view of the jail.

4:20 Speaker: The German people are resisting. We are defending ourselves. We want freedom of opinion instead of Paragraphs that enforce views. Freedom for Ursula Haverbeck.

4:34 At the prison’s doors. ‘Bielefeld-Senne Jail’

4:41 Showing Ursula Haverbeck’s words: “When one is willing to pay the price for freedom, then no peoples can be kept in chains. It’s about the price one is ready to pay.”

4:49 Speaker: We are standing here now, and perhaps Frau Haverbeck can hear us, depending on which direction her window is situated; but they could have just shoved her somewhere else to remove her from the window so she cannot hear us; they are capable of all that. We know that well enough.

5:02 As the first speaker, I am happy to announce a comrade who shortly arrived from Berlin, and who has stirred up much attention in the past days with his suit against his career ban. That is also an absurdity in this system, when people are forbidden to continue their career because of their political opinion. He has made a video for today’s demonstration [announcement] and could reach a large audience. I’m happy to greet Nikolai Nehrling, also known more widely as the “Volkslehrer”.

5:41 [As at all demonstrations by the Right, Antifa is allowed to make noise and holler to disturb the speeches. This should be forbidden. Let the Antifa exercise their free speech at their own demonstrations at a different time! This is criminal insanity!]

Nikolai Nehrling: Hello friends. I have just heard from Frau Haverbeck that “One must be willing to pay the price for freedom.” Many here are willing to pay a high price and have already paid a high price. I’ve heard from people who drove 8 hours to come here. I drove 4 hours.

6:06 And when I look into your faces then I see that you are also ready to pay even higher prices. I have also talked with a few who are even willing to pay with the price of their freedom and who, like Ursula Haverbeck, have also been in jail, or will have to go to jail, and that’s the price we are willing to pay, and I am also ready to pay a high price. As I said, my job is probably gone. There is now a big fissure between my family and I and between my friends and I. Many I now count as my ex-friends. That’s just how it is. I am willing to pay this price.

6:45 And when I look around, there is an ocean of Black/White/Red flags, and I see posters “The Right” or the “NPD”. Never would I have dreamed in the past that I would stand here one day in these circles and feel good here.

7:08 [He is now playing on the word “right” as in The Right] I feel good here because we are the “right ones.” And the right ones are the good ones. One does not say without cause: “Yes, that’s really right [just].” And that means it’s really good. Or one says: “That’s a “rechter” fellow [a right, decent fellow]!” That’s a good fellow because good is on the right.

7:37 Frau Haverbeck supports the Right. She also is a good one. When you look at her just alone on the videos, there is barely another opinion one could have. A friendly older lady who says things that move her, and who fights for the folk she loves and that is our folk. And I love it, too; and that probably you all love, too. That’s why we should not hold back from saying that we are on the right. No, we should say: “I am on the right, and it’s good this way.”

8:24: Another principle is the principle of the division. I experience it more and more how the fronts are becoming more massive. On the one hand I have people to whom I used to be able to speak about the superiority of the Germans, for example, when talking about technology, music or discoveries. They would no longer say this today because that is now the Right, in other words, in the worst case, the Nazis; that’s what they call me now. So they have become extremely different. They are on the left. What left means, well one has a good idea of that.

8:57 So I experience this division, and this is a base principle, and it is what just now lies in the air. A storm is brewing. That’s because air masses are rubbing against each other and cause a charge, a tension. And this tension is extremely important because only there energy can develop. That means, if the threat is becoming greater, then the salvation also becomes greater. And that’s what were are noticing here today.

9:35 Because before it was the idea ‘We’ll just go to the demo spontaneously; it could be embarrassing. And maybe 20 stand there with a banner, and so the mainstream press could triumph and say “Look, they can’t even get a decent assembly together.” But, the rescuers are strong because I now see more than 20, at least 200.

The writing says: Careful estimate is 450 to 500 attendees.

9:59 We must see to it that we deflect the tension in a different way so that we do not get harmed. And my path is, to take the air out of it with even more positive energy in that we remember again our roots, our German spirit. And for that we need to – and for me just now this is very clear – love German culture, sing German songs, dance German dances, read German literature, wear German cloth.

10:40 And this is what Frau Haverbeck also said at the presentation where she spoke, organized by the Right in Cologne: “In the past when people got together they sung German songs.” That has totally died out. I heard we will also sing German songs here today. We’ll bring this custom alive again. And every single one can do this, sing German songs to make the German spirit visible and audible and to feel it again. All of you here, and the people around us who see this!

11:12 And therefore, once more, addressed to all: Bring the German spirit alive. Be strong, defend yourself against injustice, but do it always in a positive way because hate is their method but not ours. And now I want to close with a brief quote by Jefferson Davis. He was a leader in the Southern States in the American Civil War:

11:56 “When time has reigned in the waves and calmed down prejudices, when reason has pulled the mask of misrepresentation from the face, then justice will bring the scale into the correct plumb line and demands that rebuke and praise from times past will exchange place with misrepresentation.” And these times I see come back slowly. So then, “wohlan!”

12:39 Speaker: Thank you. The next speaker is our comrade, whom probably everyone of you knows because of his long time activities in National Action, and who accompanied Ursula Haverbeck to Lüneburg where this sensational interview was given and resulted in attention grabbing headlines – it must have been last year or so. I am happy to present Tomas Steiner.

13:03 Tomas Steiner: Comrades, people of our folk, we are here today before the prison where they have locked up a dissident of advanced age. Many of you have not yet met Ursula Haverbeck personally, but perhaps have heard and seen her on some videos. Many of you maybe still cannot comprehend what has touched this woman, in advanced age, against all opposition to put her freedom at stake in order to exercise her free speech. In January of 1995, in a life transmission by RFD (?) and ZDF, the reporter said: “We are standing here at the ramp of Auschwitz. Thousands of lights are lit, many survivors are here today.” And one saw in the background hundreds of people, partially older people, who were there with striped prisoner outfits. And then he said “And we remember today here the 1.1 Million dead at Auschwitz.” [Translater: No one was genocided at Auschwitz!]

14:31 And I was like struck by lightening. Until this point it was not allowed to say that at Auschwitz it was less than 4 Million who died. And he from ZDF and RFD says 1.1 Million. I thought to myself, that can’t be real. The whole scene experienced a quake, a shock. It was unbelievable. In 1995 the wall was one 6 years earlier removed, and then this! A historical expression that was not possible before this without having to go to prison or at least get a judgement.

15:11 I then wrote 5 sentences to this as the editor of a newspaper we had published then for a small circle. I wrote in those that one would have some questions after these historic changes were presented on TV because, after all, shortly before that the memorial plaque at Auschwitz was changed, the numbers were officially changed by pressure of the Polish state since at the university the professorship at Auschwitz suddenly published other numbers than those that were shown publicly.

16:08 I don’t want to talk too much about this, and we are not here to attach ourselves to the statements of Ursula Haverbeck, but, that could have been the reason for her then to state, “I am now asking questions.” And it must be allowed to ask questions. It is the greatest and most ancient right of humans to ask questions.

16:38 And there are always people who either have answers to the questions or they have none, and when they have no answers, then they make up their own mind because they did not get an answer. It needs to be considered that… from the age of 80 years on, the penalties no longer were put into action. During ….. times, this did not exist. In the meantime it has become custom in this damned Republic to drag the very old from their homes and stick them into prisons, together with typical criminals.

Public response: “Pfui” [Meaning: shame on them!]

17:34 I know from what comrades tell me when they were in prison and could not follow the demonstrations going on outside because it was forbidden to them to observe such rallies and make a big impression upon their fellow prisoners; and the criminals sit there mostly all alone and are always seriously impressed when out there great action is going on. Solidarity in the week of national resistance.

18:18 Unafraid like Ursula Haverbeck, like Horst Mahler, and others, do not let them cut you off. Be brave. Ask the right questions that need to be asked at the right moment and let them never break up your solidarity. Keep together and give division no place. Those who do not want to honor solidarity are excluded from our action because they showed that they did not recognize in what a situation our folk are. Solidarity! Fighting together! Thank you.

19:01 Bernhard Schaub: Let us keep the flame burning all the way to final victory. Nevertheless, I want to spend a few minutes with you to put thoughts out there to the question, “How did we ever get to this place? Are these GERMAN courts that dish out such judgments, no matter whether it is 20-year olds or 90-year olds? A brief historical review: On May 28, 1945 the last German empire government under Admiral Karl Dönitz, was put in prison [by the Allies ]breaking international law.

19:40 Since that point in time, dear friends, there is no longer a sovereign Germany. The FRG is no sovereign state; it is a self-administrating, provisional government under the aegis of the Allies, and that’s it. Don’t forget that since 1946 the unspeakable Nuremberg Tribunal judged the Germans guilty; guilty in several areas, especially of starting the war, meaning the so-called “Kriegsschuld” (guilt of war), a term that never existed before. Who had asked the Romans, or Alexander the Great, or Napoleon about war guilt? It is the right of a sovereign state to make war if it finds it necessary. That’s the first point.

20:49 Point two is, the facts known to all of us were determined at Nuremberg. I hope you interpret the word “fact” correctly now, the “fact” of the gassing of the 6 Million Jews in gas chambers. That is, it said, an obvious fact the no one of us is to deny. But, dear friends, since then it has been cast in stone, and in the transfer to the “Zwei Plus Vier” [Two Plus Four] contract, the following is stated. I’ll read it so you have it word by word.

21:35 Again, what I am reading now is a quote from the “Additional Contract” to the “Zwei Plus Vier” contract of 1990, at a time when they maintained the FRG is a sovereign state. Many people already know this but this information belongs here.

21:58 Otherwise we will not understand why Ursula must sit up there: “ALL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS THAT THROUGH LAWS OR COURTS OR ADMINISTRATION MEASURES BY THE ALLIES OCCUR ARE AND WILL REMAIN IN EVERY WAY VALID IN THE GERMAN LAW. ALL MEASURES, BY LAW OR BY COURT, OF THE ALLIED AUTHORITIES, REMAIN VALID PER GERMAN LAW.” That means, we have no German courts that would be able to repeal the Nuremberg judgements and in its place put judicial decisions.

22:38 No German judge is in the position to ask himself if the defendant standing before him because of denial of the holocaust even is in the right or not in the content [he presents]. That’s not even the question. The question always is only: Did he deny the Holocaust or not. If he denied it, he goes to prison. It is not possible that a German court today speaks for right.

23:00 Why not? Because ‘right’ is always an expression of power. The power in this country, and altogether in the West, lies with the Americans and their shadow government that I do not need to mention, but you know whom I mean. This shadow government, as well as the Western Allies, determines now as before not only de facto [the facts] but also de jure [what’s right] and what the FRG is.

23:30 That’s why we are experiencing these shameful prosecutions. The despicable thing about this situation is that no one knows that the Germans were, therefore, deceived and not let on that they are a conquered and occupied Volk, and that they are thrown underneath the atrocity propaganda of the Allies. You were not told this and were led to believe you are a sovereign state, and that this is the German government that has arranged to bring Millions of foreigners here that are flooding the country, and that it is German courts who make sure that people like Ursula Haverbeck sit in prison.

24:10 But it is not really the Germans. That’s the second treachery. It’s the German collaborators that do this. That is a shame. Those collaborators and those who give them the orders they must go. Not just Merkel must go, the whole system must go.

24:40 At closing, let us always remember that there is no objective right, instead, right is always the outflow of power. We do not have the power in this state. No one in Europe really has it; except for perhaps in Hungary. But here in Western Europe and Middle Europe there are no more free people and the least of them are in Germany.

25:08 Therefore, if we want to get a hold of our rights, then we must first be in power and have to fight for getting in power, and then we will set up the rights that are OUR rights. Thank you.

25:51 Speaker: Besides this, dear prisoners of the JVA Bielefeld-Senne, dear managing director Kerstin Höltkemeyer-Schwick, we have not forgotten the name. We have not forgotten what you have done to Ursula Havereck ….

26:24: Thomas Steiner: We should also remember a man who 77 years ago started out in his air plane.

The Antifa takes lots of pictures.

27:10 The lefty : “You are the Volkslehrer!”

Volkslehrer: “And you, who are you?”

The lefty: “I don’t have to tell you. But you are not a good debater and it is really good that you are no longer teaching. Because your teachings don’t bring knowledge.

Volkslehrer: “That’s good, then don’t watch it.

The lefty: “No, I do.”

Volkslehrer: “So why then are you watching it?”

The lefty: “You mean the videos?”

[Writing on the screen: These two gentlemen have taken photos of almost all attendees. I wonder who gets to see these pictures???

The lefty: “Private secret service.”

Volkslehrer “Everyone has to make a living somehow!”


Solidarität mit Ursula Haverbeck

http://www.germanvictims.com/2018/05/it ... to-prison/

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Re: Ursula Haverbeck didn't show up at Prison

Postby Dresden » 1 month 6 days ago (Tue May 15, 2018 11:35 pm)

Ursula Haverbeck's new Prison address:

JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede
z. Hd. Ursula Haverbeck
Umlostrasse 100
33649 Bielefeld
Maybe, just maybe, they believe what they are telling you about the 'holocaust', but maybe, just maybe, their contempt for your intelligence and your character is beyond anything you could ever have imagined. -- Bradley Smith

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Re: Ursula Haverbeck didn't show up at Prison

Postby phdnm » 1 week 2 days ago (Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:04 am)

Latest news

Another became final judgment against Ursula Haverbeck, longer detention threatens

June 12, 2018

By order of 30 May 2018 the Higher Regional Court Hamm has the appeal against a judgment of the District Court of Detmold, which had sentenced Ursula Haverbeck early 2018 to one year and two months in prison, discarded.

Thus Ursula threatens a further extension of the detention period, which previously was two years. The prosecution Verden will still perform a so-called Strafzusammenzug in which several penalties are offset, however, it is already clear that the release from custody of 89-year-old Ursula Haverbeck shifts further to the rear.

Already for over a month sitting Germany's most famous dissident behind the bars of the system.

It is therefore important to show solidarity and support Ursula is. Writes letters and postcards, showing our solidarity!

Ursula Haverbeck
JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede
Umlostraße 100
33649 Bielefeld

https://freiheit-fuer-ursula.de/2018/06 ... aft-droht/

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