"Swing Kids": Another piece of Nonsense Hollywood

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"Swing Kids": Another piece of Nonsense Hollywood

Postby Juan » 1 decade 6 years ago (Thu Jul 01, 2004 5:32 pm)

http://www.tvguide.com/movies/database/ ... p?MI=35697

I watched this movie about 5 years ago in local TV (I wasn't into revisionism but anyway felt somewhat itchy about "evil nazi" caricatures).

I wonder if anyone has seen it: at one point, the main character is asked (as a member of the Hitler Jugend) to deliver some boxes to jewish homewives. The boy opens a box after hearing the first woman crying inside home; the boxes contain ashes and some personal items of executed (jewish) men. The funny thing is, the action is set in 1939 but no one watching the movie will know it's a blatant imposture.

Of course there are other "nazi villain" caracterizations, outside the scope of the forum.

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