What do you know about the 'death camps' of the holocaust?

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What do you know about the 'death camps' of the holocaust?

Postby borjastick » 7 months 2 weeks ago (Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:35 am)

Can you name the so called 'death camps' of the Holocaust?

Most innocent believers seem to not know there were 'death camps'. They may well have heard of Auschwitz of course due to the infamous nature of the camp and the well managed stories about the place, but they often have no idea how the holocaust was supposed to have been committed, and that the camps across the sphere of German influence had different jobs.

Once again most people I talk to seem to think that every concentration camp from Dachau, Belsen to Auschwitz was a 'death camp' and don't realise that some were prison camps, others were transit camps and many were work camps for the war effort. Sure people died in every camp but those deaths were largely due to typhus and other diseases and then as the war progressed badly for Germany and tightened its grip on the supply system people died from starvation as well.

So if asked to quickly name the six so called 'death camps' could you?

They are of course -
Auschwitz Birkenau

These are the places where, according to the source you use to arrive at claimed death tolls, accounted for in the region of three million jewish deaths. Though that figure can be played with simply by starting off with Majdanek which at war's end was claimed to have been the place of death for two million jews alone!

More interestingly for me is the fact that of these six locations four were either completely dismantled/destroyed and revealed very little when found, by the Russians. Moreover evidence of mass deaths at the destroyed camps is very thin on the ground. Treblinka being the most famous name among them, I suppose, has been the focus of much attention over the decades culminating in the fabulous Caroline Sturdy Colls debacle of a research project which became an embarrassment to the holocaust promoting community.

Recently I undertook some basic revision for myself on Chelmno and Belzec because despite them being on the list of six they are surprisingly unknown. Perhaps more surprising is that very little is said about them except wild claims of mass murder. Here's a clip from a couple of web sites about them.

CHELMNO https://www.theholocaustexplained.org/t ... s/chelmno/

Chelmno was the first Nazi camp where gassing was used to murder Jews on a large scale. The site was chosen due to the village’s position in the Warthegau region (previously an area of Western Poland, but now part of Nazi Germany). It was 47 kilometres to the west of the Łódź ghetto where many of the victims came from. A total of 320,000 people were murdered at Chelmno. These included Jews from the Łódź ghetto and throughout the area, in addition to 5,000 Roma who had been previously sent to the ghetto.

Chelmno consisted of two sites, just two and a half miles apart. The first was located in a large manor house, known as ‘The Palace’. As there was no railway running through the village of Chelmno, the victims were taken by train to a nearby station. They then walked or were loaded onto trucks to the Chelmno camp reception area.

The first group of victims arrived at Chelmno on 7 December 1941. The following day the first exterminations took place. The killings continued throughout 1942. By March 1943 the camp was dismantled because all the Jews in the area had been murdered, except those in Łódź.

On arrival at the ‘Palace’ camp, the victims were addressed by the camp commandant or one of his deputies, who was disguised as the squire of the estate, wearing a feather hat, jackboots and smoking a pipe.

The Jews were told that they would be fairly treated and receive good food in return for working on the estate, in Austria or in the East.

They were then told that they needed to shower to become clean and that their clothes had to be disinfected. This was a lie. They were led to the undressing room, where they gave up their valuables and clothes. But, having been led up steps to the ‘washrooms’, they in fact found themselves in a gas van. The doors were closed and locked.

Yes one of the six 'death camps' was where 320,000 people were murdered in gas vans! Very little more is needed to be said about this one really.

BELZEC https://www.jewishgen.org/ForgottenCamp ... ecEng.html

Established November 1st, 1941, Belzec extermination center consisted of two camps divided into three parts: administration section, barracks and storage for plundered goods, and extermination section. Initially, there were three gas chambers using carbon monoxide housed in a wooden building. They were later replaced by six gas chambers in a brick and concrete building. Belzec extermination center began operations March 17th, 1942 and ended operations December 1942. The estimated number of deaths is 500-600,000, mainly Jews.

Treblinka as mentioned above has revealed almost no proof of mass murder as claimed, Chelmno wants you to believe was the centre of gas van mass murder, which is scientifically debatable at best and Belzec was the blueprint for pop-up extermination camps but fails to provide any evidence whatsoever.

Sobibor has been discussed here many times and is part of this same Zero Evidence Club so where does that leave us with the 'death camps'?
'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'

'We don't need evidence, we have survivors' - israeli politician

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Re: What do you know about the 'death camps' of the holocaust?

Postby Hektor » 7 months 1 week ago (Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:26 am)

Most people don't make a distinction between "death Camps" and "concentration camps", while orthodox historiography actually does do that. Some of those camps did have a transit character and those camps got assigned the label "death camps", while there is no trace of any extermination program. The whole debate and publicist efforts are based on distribute emotive claims and then hope something sticks that survives debunking.
If I look at the list, I'd guess the ranking by fame would be:
- Auschwitz
- Treblinka
- Maidanek
- Chelmno
- Sobibor
- Belzec

Auschwitz of course being the icon of the Holocaust. Maidanek having a Museum, but a lot of the claims being actually dropped. Treblinka got a bit more attention, the other three virtually none. Although there seems to be some push to get them more prominent now (see google pages listed). The later being a necessity, since Auschwitz came more and more under scrutiny. That way proponents of the Holocaust can hop around in a debate, when their proof for one facet of the Holocaust-subject gets demolished.

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