Has anyone debunked Hinrich Lohse and his supposed claims of Hitler's Order to exterminate Jews in Riga?

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Has anyone debunked Hinrich Lohse and his supposed claims of Hitler's Order to exterminate Jews in Riga?

Postby HMSendeavour » 7 months 1 week ago (Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:57 pm)

http://motlc.wiesenthal.com/site/pp.asp ... G&b=394667 I was looking for the scientist at the time of the nuremberg trials that said the gas chambers were an impossiblity (Still don't know, please message me with the name if you do) and came across this. Much of this has been talked about, or debunked (though I would still like to see a thread doing so thoroughly) but I've not read about anyone debunking Hinrich Lohse or Friedrich Jeckeln

6. Not a single document has been found with Hitler's signature ordering the extermination of the Jews.
This is true. Hitler was not about to repeat the mistake he had made earlier when he initialed his "euthanasia order," condemning over 70,000 German mental patients to death at so-called "charitable care facilities" such as Hadamar and Grafineck. (Ironically, the first victims of Nazi gassings were actually non-Jewish Germans). Popular protest which threatened his popularity, eventually forced Hitler to abandon his euthanasia experiment, or at least take it underground. Never again would Hitler initial any document connecting himself to mass killings.

Nevertheless, historians have been able to establish with convincing certainty that the order to exterminate millions of Jews came directly from Hitler. On November 10, 1941, Higher SS and police leader, Friedrich Jeckeln, received orders to liquidate the Jewish population of Riga. He was informed by his superior, Hinrich Lohse, that it was "the Fuehrer's wish."

A few months earlier, Gestapo Chief, Heinrich Mueller, sent a message to the commanders of the 4 Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing squads active in Eastern Europe) advising them that "the Fuehrer was to be informed about the work of the Einsatzgruppen on a continual basis."

Discussing the liquidation of Jews in Eastern Europe, SS Chief, Heinrich Himmler, told SS Gruppenfuehrer, Gottlob Berger, "the occupied East will be freed of Jews. The Fuehrer has placed the execution of this difficult order on my shoulders."

Hitler's involvement in the "Final Solution" extended to gassing operations. On October 25, 1941 a directive addressed to Hinrich Lohse regarding the use of special "gassing vans," came by way of German judge, Dr. Erhard Wetzel. Wetzel had been summoned to the Chancellory and informed that the directive he was to prepare was, in fact, a "Fuehrer order."

On February 4, 1943, Hitler equated the extermination of the Jews with having "exterminated a bacterium." In his January 30 speech to the Reichstag 4 years earlier, Hitler warned that in the event of war, "the result will be...the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!"

Those who argue that Hitler did not order, approve, or even know about the wanton murder of millions of Jews and others during the Holocaust, do so in direct contradiction of all the evidence.

This is the quote in question i'd like to see debunked. (I've lurked the forum for a while but decided to create an account today to clarify some of my questions). Thanks guys!

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Re: Has anyone debunked Hinrich Lohse and his supposed claims of Hitler's Order to exterminate Jews in Riga?

Postby Hannover » 7 months 1 week ago (Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:54 pm)

Overwhelmingly debunked, with ease:

Hinrich Lohse documents : their story

Response to Simon Wiesenthal Center's Not So Breitbart Report
By Roger Bartlett

Aktion Reinhardt Camps / Holo. Controversies Debunked Again!

Tons more:
https://codoh.com/search/?sorting=relev ... ich+lohse+

No shown massive human remains that are alleged to be in known locations, no 'holocaust'.

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