Grandchildren of the Holocaust propaganda 7/7/2018- Fury over Anne Frank production spawns cult fervor

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Grandchildren of the Holocaust propaganda 7/7/2018- Fury over Anne Frank production spawns cult fervor

Postby Deitrich » 7 months 1 week ago (Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:40 pm)

Originally posted on "Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors" ... 8568682595

Hollywood is politicizing the events of the Holocaust. How sad. And they don't even teach the factual events of the Shoah in our public schools! ... gents.html
Production of "Diary of Anne Frank" replaces Nazi's with ICE agents"

This subject is a compulsory "subject" in terms of propaganda in most schools across the Western world today at some point around 10-12 years of age (rendering the meme absurd), just as Christianity etc is still in private schools, and all factual elements are globally strictly forbidden, just as all factual elements were in the middle ages regarding Catholicism etc. Any truthful statements will have you thrown in prison, beaten, financially or socially ruined, stripped of your academic titles, blacklisted from employment, indicted and occasionally even killed- in 20 countries of the world. (rendering the meme absurd)

The only difference between the modern day heresy laws and the ones of the middle ages is that revisionists (scientists and truthful hisotrian's) don't actually get burnt at the stake- a more "civilised" form of punishment is meted out.

The same financial base that pays for such "education" is the same that pays for the Hollywood propaganda films, that lobbies for the laws etc. (rendering the meme absurd)

We live in a world where truth is illegal and censored. It's because of that discrepancy, that as time goes by, reproductions of previous "works" become less and less faithful to the original- because no investigation or revision is allowed- as it is in any other topic.

RE: The Anne Frank Diary- it actually has nothing to do with the "facts" of the event in question as there is nothing in it that goes against the revisionist view point. However it is now approaching 40 years since it was exposed (Felderer/Faurisson circa 1980's), and over 10 years since it was partially admitted to being as such (today there is no academic resistance that her dad wrote "some" of the diary (google "anne frank diary gains co-author" for multiple mainstream sources)- and yet we still have to read this... (?)- again rendering the meme absurd.

Sarah Kaldor De Winter ... f=ufi&rc=p replies:
Anne Frank was a real person, was a teenager with a love of writing and so wrote a diary expressing her feelings during a great time of change in a child’s life as they transcend into adulthood. Many teens do this. Everyone who does so is writing under the backdrop for from their own unique experience of life. Anne’s happened to be during German occupation of Holland where she and her family and those of her race had to hide or be deported to camps designed to ethnically cleans. It is unique as the diary reads like a judy blume novel (American author writing in the 70s writing about teenage experience) intertwined with being confined to small space with family and strangers. To say it is a work of fiction or to comment that ‘some parts were written by her father therefore it is all fake’ is an incredible act of cruelty. It’s a diary, diaries are often written in haste. This is written not on reflection but at the very time of the author’s feeling. Usually the author would edit to iron out any incoherent sentences, spelling mistakes but as Anne had passed away in Belsen concentration camp, it was up to her father to do so (and the book's Editor). Changes may have been made to correct grammatical mistakes (as with every book of fiction or non fiction ever written), and then of course it needs to be translated into other languages such as English, it is still the words and feelings and experiences of Anne Frank. Why would anyone want to belittle or deny something that is so obviously written from the heart is beyond me. It is usually those suspicious of ‘fake news’ – we are all suspicious of that but why not consider the denial articles as fake news giving it the same suspicion. Even re written stories of true events (say for example 12 Years a Slave), doesn’t take away from the fact that events really did happen. I guess it is difficult to cope with seeing what humanity can do to each other given the chance. It might be easier to pretend it didn’t happen. But if you think the senseless murder of innocent children (and adults), is wrong then for goodness sake don’t deny real life victims’ experience – it just makes it worse and contributes to it continuing to happen. If we teach it in schools it works toward preventing it happening again, and again and again. As far as turning the nazis into ICE agents - plays are often transposed but it's probably unecessary as I think we can all make the link and find the identification parallel to our own life.
AF's father also experessed shock at come of her feelings has he had no idea she had felt certain ways ie her crush on Peter. I guess no father likes to think of their child beginning to have sexual feelings.

Please keep with me here. You stated "you [meaning me] is exceptionally cruel [to imply that the diary might be fake because some of it was written by her father or that the whole thing is fake"

To answer this allegation firstly- I am exceptionally kind. And I care about all people, including (a) Jew's, (b) Poles and (c) ANYBODY who was interned in a concentration camp or was ethnically cleansed. This applies equally to Anne Frank's tragic life.

Secondly- the fact that the father wrote some of it- officially conceded- comes after a long string of battles with revisionists as the last significant yield on the matter (previously it was maintained to have been authentic. ... as-diary...

^This point should cast the whole "diary(s)" under scrutiny.

Then there's the question "IS the diary a fraud?" If the answer is YES- then my statement would not be at all "cruel" as you put it.

Also I fail to see how asking the question if it is fake and investigating that matter is "cruel"- particularly given the obvious problems with it. Even reaching the conclusion that it is fake based on such an investigation is not "cruel"- nowhere does that or would that detract from the fact that I, or anybody else doing so would feel "sorry" for Anne Frank for what she in fact did go through. Likewise if a reasonable determination came to pass that is was fake and was wrong or later proved to be so, it still isn't cruel where respectfully discussed. If proving the opposite- then it is in fact cruel to maintain the diary as genuine and exonerate the father if in fact he did write it.

Moving on you wrote "Anne was a real person". Of course she was.

Sarah writes "It reads like a NOVEL".

Yes I also found that very strange when I read it many years ago- as did others, in fact it reads like anything BUT a young girls diary.

"Why not consider the "denial" articles- giving them the same suspicion"

I agree that all works should be reviewed on their merits.

The problem for me started when I read this 80 page thesis on the topic. Which I encourage you to read also (and if I could I would have everybody who has seen this thread read it)

^In my view the diary is fake, perhaps based on something of Anne's own diary but injected post war to the point of it really not being hers at all by Otto Frank who was already a good writer, who made money off of it and who, if this is true^^ had a pretty messed up mind the things he wrote attributed to his daughter.

If that assessment is correct it isn't "cruel" but just a pure statement of fact- and it doesn't detract from Anne's suffering either. Her actual "non-diary related" story- I do believe in.

Again- this was my position after reading this a long time ago. I might be wrong, if you are going to decide you should read it first.

My view was only strengthened after the ongoing saga with the revisionists which you can see unfold here..
The faurisson affair 1980
Is the diary of anne frank genuine? 1982
Anne Franks handwriting 1989
Is the diary of anne frank genuine? 2000
Diary of anne frank update 2001
Revisionist notebook 2005
The importance of anne frank 2014 ... nne-frank/
Co-authorship concession review 2015 ... ne-frank...
Anne Frank Hoax exposed 2015 ... x-exposed/

If you manage to read through all of these articles after that initial booklet- please tell me what you think as I'd be interested in your input as long as you are objective.

I do not respond to insults and hate speech, but rational/respectful discussion is welcome

...Thread continued...

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Re: Grandchildren of the Holocaust propaganda 7/7/2018- Fury over Anne Frank production spawns cult fervor

Postby Deitrich » 7 months 1 week ago (Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:03 am)

...Main thread discussion continued...

Sarah Kaldor De Winter I am glad you mentioned not only the "novel" like quality, but also the emotion of shock from the father and the sexually explicit content of the book- atleast you have actually read it. Most enter into the discussion w/o ever.

You need to read the book I linked, whether you disagree and are disgusted or agree or disgusted matters not- if you want to decide you have to have all the material before you- only then can a rational decision be reached.

The opinion I reached could be incorrect and it doesn't have to be shared by you or anyone else :)

Although from my vantage point- I cannot see how my assessment could possibly be incorrect- I would welcome you highlighting after your r/v where I may have erred or give your own revision etc...

Tom Klein responds:

another holocaust denier raises his ugly head. go to hell.

Tom Klein Thank you for your kind and objective words. I'm interested in rational/objective "empathic" discussion- not childish and senseless abuse.


comparing america to nazi germany? how unoriginal. and trivializing the holocaust to score political points? why not, if your self-righteous puffery actually believes that the end justifies the means. [Image: "Everyone I don't like is Hitler"

As opposed to "everyone I don't like is a holocaust denier"?

He writes:
if the shoe fits, wear it.

Well the term is completely meaningless, one in which only a mind in arrested development could find meaningful- but if you disagreed with any of my assessment above you could have said "I disagree- here here and here are in error and the facts are this and this because of that"- but that concept seems to evade you.

I don't want to be right Tom- I just want to "get it right" (y)

You like to point out silly sound bites as childish when they serve you, but then invoke the same kind of childish soundbite insults when there's something you disagree with. Usually signifying lack of an argument. Is this the kind of education you promote?

And in this case a highly ironic case of pot calling the kettle black.

Blocked by Felix Dunkel or thread deleted

Felix complains on main thread that there are many "holocaust deniers" following the page and commenting- and "why are they allowed to comment"


It reminds me of Plato's myth. Where the 2 prisoners are chained in a cave facing the wall and convinced only the shadows are real- never able to be brought into the light of the 3D world for the brightness would hurt their eyes. And when their liberators come to free them they tear them limb from limb without understanding their good intentions.

OR- in this case, not even notice them trying to cut through their hard chains whilst they are fixated on the wall in front of them.

I hope that one day- that you will understand, if you do not already but have other designs. Shalom.

It appears he didn't

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Re: Grandchildren of the Holocaust propaganda 7/7/2018- Fury over Anne Frank production spawns cult fervor

Postby Hannover » 7 months 1 week ago (Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:58 am)

This thread absolutely demolishes the bogus 'Anne Frank diary. It's no contest.
I find the examples of the highly different handwritings most revealing. Have a look.

'Anne Frank’s Diary Gains ‘Co-Author’ / and more'

- Hannover

Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurd impossibility of the 'holocaust' storyline is the message.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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