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Postby Hektor » 1 year 2 months ago (Sat Nov 09, 2019 2:20 pm)

borjastick wrote:
david2923 wrote:see link to this video on cremation
Watch the whole thing but pay close attention from the 7:40 mark and watch to the end ....

Perhaps Crystal can educate us on the life of fire brick?

There can be little doubt about the task involved in a cremation using contemporary equipment. Now apply that process to equipment essentially from the 1930s.

Sadly I had to go through all this two years ago when my mother died. She was cremated and the following day I had the awful job of visiting the Funeral Director's office to collect her remains. I can tell you it's a horrible thing to have to do. When they handed her remains in a tasteful cardboard box I nearly collapsed. However I would say that they hadn't used the powder process, her remains were still in small fragments but not powder.

Nonetheless the fact remains that the claims that one million people were cremated and their remains disappeared in the Auschwitz location are total BS. It would be impossible.
...or having no cremation equipment at all like in Treblinka, etc.

Still those fiendish Nazis made the remains disappear. Needless to say that would also have required creating a trail of the process of "making vanish". Unfortunately those on the receiving end of Holocaust agitation barely think through those kind of technical issues and details.

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