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unz.com: !! 'American Pravda: Holocaust Denial' !! / join the debate

Postby Hannover » 2 years 6 months ago (Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:01 am)

Here's a big one, the debate is now open.

This will certainly be an important step in the Revisionist take down of the fake '6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers'.

http://www.unz.com is a highly read and quoted source for many topics, especially those which go against the increasingly besieged & discredited Zionist / leftist dogma.

Read and get a view of early Revisionism that moves to present day. This will get hot!

American Pravda: Holocaust Denial
by Ron Unz
http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda ... st-denial/
-Lipstadt seems to approach history much like a Bible-thumper, but a particularly dim-witted one. Moreover, many of the authors she attacked had already become familiar to me after a decade of my content-archiving work, and I had found their numerous books quite scholarly and persuasive.
- Meanwhile, all historians know perfectly well that the Bolshevik leaders were overwhelmingly Jewish, with three of the five revolutionaries Lenin named as his plausible successors coming from that background. Although only around 4% of Russia’s population was Jewish, a few years ago Vladimir Putin stated that Jews constituted perhaps 80-85% of the early Soviet government.
- Over the years, I had noticed the same sorts of media reports claiming enormous totals of Holocaust survivors still alive now six or seven decades after the event. For example, even as late as 2009 an official at Israel’s Jewish Agency justified laws criminalizing Holocaust Denial by explaining that almost 65 years after the end of the war “there are still hundreds of thousands of living Holocaust survivors,” a statement which itself seems to constitute rather explicit Holocaust Denial. Indeed, a very noticeable number of all the New York Times obituaries I read these days in my morning newspapers seem to include Holocaust survivors still expiring in their eighties and nineties.
- [CODOH's] Dr. Germar Rudolf was a successful young German chemist working at the prestigious Max Planck Institute when he heard of the controversy regarding the Leuchter Report, which he found reasonably persuasive but containing some weaknesses. Therefore, he repeated the analysis on a more thorough basis, and published the results as the Chemistry of Auschwitz, which came to the same conclusions as Leuchter. And just like Leuchter before him, Rudolf suffered the destruction of his career and his marriage, and since Germany treats these matters in harsher fashion, he eventually served five years in prison for his scientific impudence.
- Although various writers such as Shermer may have been encouraged by generous financial subsidies to make fools of themselves, their more violent allies on the extreme fringe have probably had a greater impact on the Holocaust debate. Although judicial and economic sanctions may deter the vast majority of Holocaust Deniers from showing their face, extra-legal violence has also often been deployed against those hardy souls who remain undeterred.
- I had always been taught that Zyklon B was the deadly agent used by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews of Auschwitz and I had vaguely become aware that Holocaust Deniers absurdly claimed the compound had instead been employed as a delousing agent in the camps, aimed at preventing the spread of Typhus; but then the following year, I was shocked to discover in one of Cockburn’s columns that for decades the U.S. government had itself used Zyklon B as the primary delousing agent for immigrants entering at its Mexican border.
- Until thirty years ago, Communist rule over the USSR and its Warsaw Pact allies seemed absolutely permanent and unshakeable, but the roots of that belief had totally rotted away, leaving behind nothing more than a hollow facade. Then one day, a gust of wind came along, and the entire gigantic structure collapsed. I wouldn’t be surprised if our current Holocaust narrative eventually suffers that same fate, perhaps with unfortunate consequences for those too closely associated with having maintained it.


They accept Revisionist comments, jump in.

The tide is turning.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

Pia Kahn
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Re: unz.com: !! 'American Pravda: Holocaust Denial' !! / join the debate

Postby Pia Kahn » 2 years 6 months ago (Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:39 pm)

Thanks for sharing the link Hannover. I am surprised that Unz would publish such a full fledged endorsement of holocaust revisionism. This is a major success for all doubters.
If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

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Re: unz.com: !! 'American Pravda: Holocaust Denial' !! / join the debate

Postby Degenerate » 2 years 6 months ago (Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:14 pm)

Having keenly followed the recent articles in his American Pravda series, I am not so surprised. He's been consistently hitting the ball out of the park with articles reappraising the role of the Jews in 20th century history. It was naturally leading up to this, and he didn't disappoint. I thoroughly recommend reading more of his recent work:


The David Irving article on published June 4th is a good starting point. The quality of his writing is very high, and he maintains a neutral tone while dropping astonishing (to the uninitiated) information, especially impressive considering he is Jewish himself. An excellent resource for newcomers to the revisionist field.

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Re: unz.com: !! 'American Pravda: Holocaust Denial' !! / join the debate

Postby stinky » 2 years 6 months ago (Tue Aug 28, 2018 12:35 am)

Agreed, Unz' 'American Pravda' series has been outstanding.
Highly recommended
It's easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled

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Re: unz.com: !! 'American Pravda: Holocaust Denial' !! / join the debate

Postby Daniel » 2 years 5 months ago (Fri Aug 31, 2018 2:55 am)

It takes a Jew to make holocaust denial respectable. A non-Jew couldn't make it respectable. Ron Unz was raised by Yiddish-speaking Jews.

Jews are the arbiters. This in itself speaks to their power and is a big problem. I'd like to live in a civilization where they don't get to exercise such a role.

I recently posted a quote from Faurisson predicting that Jews would one day "present themselves as the discoverers of the myth and accuse the Germans, the Poles, or the Communists of having fabricated the ‘myth of the gas chambers’"

Ideally there would not simply be a mass awakening to the holohoax, but also to Jews being behind the Holomodor, the Armenian genocide, the Atlantic Slave trade, 9/11, the Liberty attack coverup, porn and abortion legalization, mass influx of third worlders into white nations, and many other unsavory facts about their history and their nature.

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Re: unz.com: !! 'American Pravda: Holocaust Denial' !! / join the debate

Postby Breker » 2 years 5 months ago (Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:35 pm)

We took a peep over there at the Unz debate, wow! Already over a 1,000 comments and counting.
We find it encouraging to see so many revisionists posting and really not being opposed by anything like credible rebuttals.
We do see a lot of 'you're a Nazi', but that's just another indicator of how weak the 'hoax of the 20th century' really is.
Interesting times we live in.
Revisionists are just the messengers, the impossibility of the "Holocaust" narrative is the message.

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