Sachsenhausen - A death camp?

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Re: Sachsenhausen - A death camp?

Postby Hektor » 7 months 1 week ago (Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:05 pm)

Rogal Dorn wrote:
flimflam wrote:No one now believes that gas was ever sent though pipes into any gas chamber. No one believes that any prisoners were gassed in any camp in Germany proper.

I'm pretty sure the official story for the Mauthausen gas chamber (and Austria was part of Germany back then, along with the whole Aktion T4 stuff, Hartheim castle etc.) still has it that the gas came into the room through some piping from the operator's room (conveniently, the other side of the piping there has been removed), and it is the position of the Sachsenhausen museum that there was a homicidal gas chamber there as well.

The USHMM has made some hilarious mistakes over time (like calling a photo of Krema I as "taken upon liberation", yet it shows it in the post-reconstruction state, i.e. with all the wall sections demolished), I wouldn't consider them to be the official authority for the mainstream narrative and would rather hold the camp museums to that responsibility.

The "gas chamber" in Mauthausen is quite a strange facility:

Note the cooling radiators close to the wall.

Note the two entrance doors as well:

I wonder if there is anything similar for Sachsenhausen. But as far as I know the alleged homicidal gas chamber is demolished there.

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