Asian-American Linh Dinh article at let's it rip on fake 'holocaust' / "shoahload of bogus scholarship"

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Asian-American Linh Dinh article at let's it rip on fake 'holocaust' / "shoahload of bogus scholarship"

Postby Hannover » 9 months 1 day ago (Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:42 pm)

No holds barred in this piece, yet another cutting edge article at Ron Unz's

The Asian-American author, Linh Dinh, lets it rip, especially so concerning the fake 'holocaust' that is now under increasing stress and is falling apart faster than a cheap suit.
Linh Dinh is yet another supporter of Ron Unz.
Unz, is a Jew who truly does not like massive lying that so many of his brethren are engaged in.

Check it out here:
Blacks, Jews and You, by Linh Dinh

quick excerpt:
Unz has now published a series of unflinching articles on, among other things, Jewish collaboration with the Nazis, Jewish guilt in JFK’s assassination and 9/11, and, most remarkably, the elaborate Holocaust myth, as propped up by a shoahload of bogus scholarship and hundreds of tear jerking movies. Unz hasn’t just stuck his neck way out, but placed it on the third rail!

Dinh's books:

- Hannover

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
- Arthur Schopenhauer
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Asian-American Linh Dinh article at let's it rip on fake 'holocaust' / "shoahload of bogus scholarship"

Postby Sannhet » 9 months 1 day ago (Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:51 pm)

Thank you, Hannover, for bringing this to our attention.

I would note that the essay is not primarily about the Holocaust as such, but (as I read it) is about White-Black and Jewish-White relations in the USA (and really only since the mid-20th century at that). Linh Dinh is a member of none of these three groups as the son of Vietnamese refugees who entered the USA in the 1970s.

That said, it seems clear that Linh Dinh is a Holocaust disbeliever. His courage to publish this is commendable.


Of the essay's 2,900 words, the word 'Holocaust' appears only four times, and the term 'six million' once.

Here are the other Holocaust-related passages, for reference, in addition to the one Hannover cites, with my comments:
There is another race [in the USA besides Blacks] with a claimed historical grievance, but in this instance, it’s against all of Christendom, for Christians looked the other way, assisted or directly murdered six million Jews, it has been drilled into each Western head.
Interesting that he uses the term 'Christians' and not 'Germans,' I presume because the purpose of half his essay is Jewish-WhiteChristian relations in America. He is using 'Christian' in a kind of ethnic sense, as he surely does not mean to imply that the Nazis were fanatical religious-Christian zealots acting in the name of Jesus or the Church, which of course they were not.
In any case, if the Holocaust was the most shocking atrocity of World War II, why was there no mention of it for nearly 20 years after the war ended? And why did Anne Frank only die after six months in a “death camp”?
This is rather imprecise: There were plenty of 'mentions' of Nazi camps including the vague allegations that some of them were death/extermination camps; there were vague gassing allegations (most of which soon fell apart, as we know); there was also a somewhat disorganized, non-exclusive, and non-dominant narrative of Jewish persecution already during the war and immediately after it (which had faded to a great extent already by the late 1940s already with the receding of war propaganda, just as I am sure the WWI war-propaganda "German bayoneting of Belgian babies en masse" myth faded soon after 11/11/1918 in Britain and France).

What Linh Dinh means could be either or both of the following, I think:

(1) The interest in the fate of the Jews in WWII was relatively weak and the 'narrative' disorganized in the 1950s and 1960s, which contrasts with the obsessive and exclusive interest in the fate of the Jews by the later 1980s and 1990s;

(2) The rise of the intimidatingly-capitalized term 'Holocaust' did not occur until the late 1970s and 1980s; if so, his "nearly twenty years" should be "nearly thirty-five years." (As I think is well established, the Holocaust story as we now know it, Holocaust propaganda in earnest, begins with the hit TV miniseries of that name in 1978; the term was never capitalized before that, and appears in no encyclopedias, etc.; very occasionally the word 'holocaust' in lower-case appears but is meant to refer only to large-scale loss of life, as in Dresden or the like, or in a hypothetical inter-continental nuclear war as in "nuclear holocaust.")

In the very heart of Mexico City, just on the edge of beautiful Alameda Park, is El Museo Memoria y Tolerancia. Passing by, I noticed a cattle car, of the type that transferred Jews to the “death” camps. Inside, there’s the Holocaust and Tolerance Education Center. As many Mexicans as possible must be inducted into the Jews as greatest victims ever cult.

Like blacks with slavery, Jews use the Holocaust to silence all critics. Thus immuned, they can continue to slaughter Palestinians, wreck more Muslim countries, push refugees into Europe and fragment societies. If you push back, you’re a gas chamber loving Nazi.

Pinched by two eternally aggrieved forces, does the pale huperson even stand a Chinaman’s chance?

Linh Dinh’s latest books are Postcards from the End of America (non-fiction) and A Mere Rica (poetry). He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.
This is a polemical essay of a political nature and not "about" the Holocaust. Yet even from just a handful of mentions, it does look like Linh Dinh is a full disbeliever, not just an agnostic. Nor is he politically or morally opposed of the 'use' of the Holocaust but accepting more-or-less of the standard story. He is a full-on Disbeliever (or "Opponent of the Holocaust," a term I proposed in the thread "Levels of Holocaust Belief").

Note his use of quotation marks in this phrase:
of the type that transferred Jews to the “death” camps
Yes, it would seem that Linh Dinh is an opponent of the Holocaust Culture-Monster outright, enough to make a raid against the Monster rather than (as most do) lurking in the shadows on the question, or (worse) using it to advance some agenda despite knowing it is untrue (as CODOH-Forum member Deitrich says is true of all Holocaust enforcers). Mr. Linh Dinh has done his part, here, to hack off one of the Holocaust Culture-Monster's small tentacles, even if to his modest Internet-based audience. Thank you for your courage and dedication to truth.

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Linh Dinh on the Holocaust / Who is Linh Dinh

Postby Sannhet » 9 months 1 day ago (Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:19 am)

Who is Linh Dinh?

Born 1963 in South Vietnam; emigrated with parents to the USA in 1975 after the loss of the war and fall of the Saigon regime -- this according to his Wiki entry. A literary figure and a recognized talent at what he does.

After browsing some other of Linh Dinh's other essays, I can say this on his writing: He is most comfortable doing cultural observation pieces and only to a lesser extent does he indulge in social-political commentary. This "Black-White-Jewish" essay is, then, actually not characteristic of his work. He has a long-running series called "Postcard from the End of America" -- pessimistic in tone, as you might guess -- in which he gives commentary on low-end 'Rust Belt'-type places he visits and the people he meets and their problems. He plays the part of amateur sociologist while ostensibly documenting what he sees as a long and steady period of American decline. He has a keen observational eye. (This will always help when tackling the Holocaust problem.)

What are Linh Dinh's politics? At least one thing is certain: He is no "neo-Nazi" or the like. Aside from being of non-White, Vietnamese origin, his many published works reveal him to be always provocative, seldom doctrinaire (if ever) and not a conservative-rightist sort of figure of any kind. His essays tend to be offensive to U.S. conservative sensibilities and are often probably deliberately so (in a November 2016 essay titled "The Trump Ploy," he writes: "The deep state ushered in Trump because he’s clearly their most useful decoy"). Overall, I find Linh Dinh to be less a "partisan" for any kind of politics in particular than an "observer" at best and a "gadfly" at worst (if being a gadfly is bad). If he must be classified politically, I would say: libertarian left.


And so it is that the case of Linh Dinh's endorsement of Holocaust revisionism is another example of the lack of any firm relation between one's personal political outlook and one's reaction to Holocaust revisionism.

You will often hear Holocaust Pushers/Enforcers and anti-Revisionists assert that Holocaust revisionism consists entirely of a small pack of extreme Nazi-lovers who only want to whitewash Hitler (and a larger but still-marginal group of their dupes). Such a characterization bears no relation to lived/observed reality regarding different sorts of people's reactions to Holocaust revisionism. This is something I touch upon in the Levels of Holocaust (Dis)Belief thread:

[Note: (1a.) is Passive Holocaust Believer; (1b.) is Convinced Holocaust Believer; (2) is Holocaust Skeptic, or 'Non-Believer'; (3) is Holocaust Opponent or 'Disbeliever']

- A surprising number of actual Nazi sympathizers or "Neo-Nazis" will be (1a.), others (2) and some (3). There is, surprisingly to some anti-revisionists, not a direct connection between politics and Holocaust belief. I have come across "far-right nationalists" who do not really question the Holocaust. Bradley Smith was more on the libertarian-left. [...]

- The most likely personality-type to become a Revisionist, to go from (1a.) to (2) and especially all the way to (3), is the independent-minded, libertarian, fearless truth-seeker type (Jewish dissident libertarian Murray Rothbard was a Revisionist); many people simply cannot make the transition from (1a.) to (3) any more than a religious person can stop believing in God. Some, in non-Western countries not subject to Holocaust conditioning, may start at something more like (2) (i.e., have heard something about the Holocaust but don't know too much; are open to more info). Non-Westerners can probably more easily transition to (3), upon reading Revisionist works, I would guess.
The last comment, about Non-Westerners being more easily able to resist Holocaust mind control techniques and embrace revisionism may somewhat apply to this case of Linh Dinh, who was in Vietnam through age 12 and probably felt himself the outsider in U.S. society for most of his life. Outsiders can have certain advantages of observation, including (potentially) a kind of immunity from group-think.

Pia Kahn
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Re: Asian-American Linh Dinh article at let's it rip on fake 'holocaust' / "shoahload of bogus scholarship"

Postby Pia Kahn » 9 months 1 day ago (Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:55 am) is about to turn into a major revisionist platform.

I wonder what the powers that be have in store for Ron Unz. B'nai B'rith, the Anti-Defamation League and others are probably teaming up in order to shut him down as fast as they can.

I wish Mr. Unz all the best. I admire him for his courage and steadfastness.

We should support and help him if he suffers for voicing his opinion.
If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

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