Now we know why Jews made handprints in gas chamber walls...

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Now we know why Jews made handprints in gas chamber walls...

Postby Werd » 1 week 14 hours ago (Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:37 am)

http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... .html#more

Because apparently, the walls were not made of concrete as Germar Rudolf incorrectly believed.

Let's take a look at his arguments.
This is footage taken after the liberation of Paris of an alleged Gestapo Torture Chamber near the Eiffel Tower. In the description, we read:

“World War II interiors of gas chamber used by the Germans in the execution of prisoners. Demonstrating method of securing prisoners in gas chambers. Various Close-ups, pipes leading into room.”


“hand prints and scratches dug into cement wall of gas chamber by the victims.”
Here are the handprints in the cement, allegedly created by gassing victims during their death throes. Needless to say, handprints can only be made in fresh mortar, and only insane people would use a room as an execution chamber whose walls had just been plastered.

2. Case in point: the handprints on the wall. The description claims they are in cement. Rudolf runs with this. He never asks: how does the author of the description even know that? Does the footage claim this? Of course not. It's just what some incompetent archive employee wrote, nothing more. This has zero bearing on the interpretation of the footage itself.

Indeed, had Rudolf done even minuscule research, he would have found that the handprints were in the asbestos layer which covered the wall in order to make it sound-proof (makes sense at a shooting range, no?).

Adam Rayski, author of the small book Au stand de tir. Le massacre des résistants. Paris 1942–1944, quotes from the report by the police commissar Henri Danty dated August 31, 1944, shortly after the liberation of Paris:
Behind the premises of the Ministry of Air, Boulevard Victor in Paris XV arrondissement, there are two shooting ranges, one 200 meter long, the other 50 meter long.
Yesterday the Air Force unit occupying the premises under the command of Commander Marette conducted excavations at the first range and has already exhumed 4 voluminous coffins appearing to contain several bodies each.
The second range was the place of execution and I made the following observations:
At the firing point and over a length of ten meters, and over their entire height, the walls are lined with a thick layer of asbestos and exhibit hundreds of hand prints up to the height of 2,5m.
This part of the range appears to have been closed by a partition isolating it from the rest of the range.
It is impossible to imagine after what tortures the people who were brought there jumped against the wall and left the imprint of their hands in the asbestos.
At the firing slope there are 3 execution posts bearing countless bullet marks; one of them is cut in half by bullets. On these posts hang the bands and the ropes intended for the tortured [...]
It is urgent to proceed with methodical excavations in the ground of these ranges and also to explore the nearby maneuvering area and the sewers, as it is likely that many corpses are buried there.
I think I have to suggest that, in the aftermath of the incredible atrocities that probably occurred in these places, it would probably be appropriate to invite a neutral body to attend the findings.

Already from the first newspaper items about this wall the matter is clear, they talk of the asbestos-covered wall or "a wall covered with a thick, fibre-like material"

Combat, 31.08.1944, p. 2.

Sunday Times (Perth, WA), 03.09.1944, p.2.

Beckley Post-Herald, 20.09.1944

Same was mentioned in some of the "newsreels" in which the footage was used.

What kind of measures were applied to the people in this room is a matter of a debate, but it is a secondary issue in the context of Rudolf's methodology, so we will just state that there is zero evidence of fakery as far as the handprints are concerned, and leave it at that.

An asbestos layer? A soft fibre like material? Not concrete? Interesting. So is this credible, codoh? I honestly don't know what to think about this. Did Sergy Romanov completely miss the part in the Perth Sunday Times article which talked about the electrocution method of killing Jews? Something that had been previously debunked regarding Belzec and Auschwitz? So we should we believe this nonsense happened in France?

"The Germans first lashed their victims to an iron grille against a wall covered with a thick, fibre like material. They then turned on the electric current. There were hundreds of handprints dug deep into the wall covering, among them being deep, irregular holes which might have come from the heavy knotted ends of German whips."


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Re: Now we know why Jews made handprints in gas chamber walls...

Postby Hannover » 1 week 12 hours ago (Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:50 am)

Hilarous, and oh so desperate.

The typically incompetent Sergey Romanov is simply savaged. Notice what Sergey Romanov lies about and then ignores the other irrefutable points made by Rudolf:
Probing the Holocaust, The Horror Explained, By Germar Rudolf

So now the alleged & impossible 'homicidal gas gas chambers' were in Paris? Yet the Industry claims that all gas chambers were in Poland.
Yet there is no such asbestos claims for the alleged & impossible gas chambers in Poland where millions are impossibly said to have been gassed.

The "Holocau$t Industry's" Sergey Romanov craps out again.

More examples of Sergey Romanov's belief in the absurd:

- Hannover

No massive human remains as alleged, no 'holocaust'. The claimed '6M Jews & 5M others' is one helluva a lot of human remains to just 'disappear'. That's the size of the population of London.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Now we know why Jews made handprints in gas chamber walls...

Postby Deitrich » 1 week 2 hours ago (Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:24 pm)

Werd's presentation is self refuting on account of it's absurdity.

If this is the level of blown cover they adopt now, Sergey et al might as well start proclaiming their CODOH allegience publicly.

Not a single person on the face of this Earth could possibly accept what Werd has delivered here as valid.

Quite clearly the "report" was issues once the propagadists realised how absurd their first effort is. Subsequently their later efforts got progressively (first Buchenwald and then Dachau finally) but only marginally better.

It is not believable that the German's would gas people in this room layered with asbestos and allow them to leave handprint evidence everywhere. Nor fix it up immediately afterwards if it conceivably had occurred.
It is not believable that this really was an asbestos wall by simply looking at the footage of it.
Nor that people en mass could leave perfect handprints in the wall.
It is not believable in the slightest that the room was ever used as a gas chamber on account of the windows, huge area and not in the slightest air tight or secure and so on, as evidenced by the film.
If the victims were restrained as alleged, how could they have achieved it?
If the victims really were scratching for their life against said wall- they would not leave obviously propaganda, perfectly formed open handprints.
And then later, the propagandists "demonstrate" what the victims did by putting their hands all over the "asbestos"- sure.
The claim is officially dropped, i.e. no longer claimed to have been truthful.

Then there's the ad-homenim attack against Rudolf- whom has never convincingly been refuted on a single point to my knowledge against Sergey who has never survived on a single point to my knowledge- even dismissed by the very industry he claims to support.

This motif about the handprints later became a slightly more believable motif involving "scratches" (also absurd) at later places.

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