Johann Rehbogen, Nazi death camp guard on trial

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Re: Johann Rehbogen, Nazi death camp guard on trial

Postby Hektor » 8 months 3 weeks ago (Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:14 pm)

JLAD Prove Me Wrong wrote:
Hektor wrote:They won't/can't answer that for legal reasons.

Can you please tell me what specific part of my letter violates any law, and if it does, how it does?

You are asking them about a book that is makes statements that can be prosecuted in their country.
If they say this is an interesting book and we consider it's conclusion, this can be construed as "approving Holocaust Denial".
If they trash the book as nonsense, this can be seen as conflict of interest with their client.

Remember, they don't know who you are. There is a possibility that those are loaded questions (by "investigative journalists", Antifa or some Jewish organisation), and I guess they will suspect exactly that. They possibly realize that "approving Holocaust denial" will attract a campaign against their law firm and other harassment. Trashing the book can also be seen as problematic, since they have to represent their client in good faith. It's less problematic than the approving it, which is actually an irony, since client interest should come first for a lawyer.

I used to know some Germans in legal professions, also from Germany itself. IMO they are more clued up about the Holocaust than the average population. The not necessary acknowledge it as a fraud, but they can see that it is an unethical and barely legal extortion scheme stemming from Jewish influence, media and social power. The local lawyers I know here don't believe the Holocaust narrative afaik. One point they make is that if it were true, it won't be necessary to prosecute "deniers". Also, since "Holocaust Deniers" are stripped of any ability to defend themselves in court, because they are not allowed to proof or support their statements, the whole thing becomes legally absurd. All to protect some infallible truth.

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