Stolen Valor: Holocaust Survivors, Vietnam Veterans

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Stolen Valor: Holocaust Survivors, Vietnam Veterans

Postby Callahan » 6 months 1 week ago (Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:37 pm)

Is anyone here familiar with the concept of "stolen valor"? It often refers to men who wear a military uniform in public in order to reap the social benefits of being regarded as brave, courageous, or heroic. Let's take a moment and think of how else this term might be applied, starting with the definition of "valor":
valor (vălˈər)►
Courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery.

A prime set of examples of cases of stolen valor comes from self-proclaimed US veterans of the Vietnam War. One man, B.G. Burkett, spent well over a decade investigating people who claim to be Vietnam veterans in ways that seem to result in certain potential benefits being granted to them:
B.G. Burkett -- his parents nicknamed him Jug, in honor of a favorite golf pro -- has spent the past 13 years unmasking hundreds of men around the country who have claimed to be Vietnam veterans, Vietnam heroes, Vietnam- post-traumatic-stress-psychos, the guys you read about in the papers ("Viet Vet Kills 14 in Post Office Rampage") and see on the median strip of Van Ness Avenue, wearing signs over their tattered fatigues that proclaim, "Vietnam Vet -- Will Work for Food."

Burkett has found, to put it simply, that most of these men are frauds and that their fraudulent claims have been swallowed whole, and without question, by reputable news organizations, politicians, generals, police departments and federal agencies, all willing -- depending on the case at hand -- to free someone from prison, offer them veterans benefits or simply go easy on them when they land in trouble. The result is that for more than 25 years, many Americans have thought of Viet vets as jobless, homeless, addicted, suicidal or deranged "victim-heroes." ... 913179.php

Of course, veterans of the Vietnam war are not the only people in society who are regarded as having "courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery". In fact, survivors of almost any war who endured a serious struggle and lived to share their story with the masses may be regarded as having valor. But of the survivors of WWII, few are considered so courageous as those who survived "the Holocaust" and were brave enough to share their unspeakable traumas. So it would seem inevitable that many would come to recognize the social, financial, and even political benefits (e.g. sympathy for Zionism) accompanying the title of "Holocaust Survivor", and would choose to reinforce those "unspeakable" stories upon which this title acquires its weight... thereby "stealing valor" from the millions of other survivors of WWII who have spoken only the truth.

Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein speaks critically of this "extortion", as he calls it, both by Jewish individuals and institutions, in his book The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.

Fortunately, to restore some faith in the humanity of all people, it is refreshing to note that it is relatively rare for Jewish people to make extraordinary claims about their experiences during WWII (I would say this is also surprising, considering the vast integration of the Holocaust narrative into all-things-Jewish). In another recent thread at this forum, user Hieldner has shown some important analysis of the proportion of extraordinary claims to Holocaust testimony overall, utilizing the USC Visual History Archive for Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation, which has the largest database of Holocaust survivor testimony footage in the world today:
Conducting a search at for “gas chambers” yields 523 results, out of a total of 53,984 holocaust testimonies (select category holocaust on the left—there are an additional 646 non-Communist atrocities included in the video collection to make the archive look less like a racial commiseration endeavour for the benefit of the Jews). Searching for “soap rumours” yields 458 results. We arrive at a gas/soap claim ratio of ~ 1.14. For every 8 claims of homicidal gas chambers there are 7 human soap claims, officially regarded as nonsense, and only ~1% of all of Spielberg’s video material contains gas chamber testimony. These numbers disprove holocaust peddlers who accuse revisionists of insinuating that “all the survivors lied”.

I should note here that many of the 'gas chamber' claims in the search results included above refer to camps or buildings that are now universally-recognized as never having gas chambers used in them (e.g. Dachau). Of the remaining references to 'gassings, etc', few if any provide a description that indicates firsthand experience or witnessing of actual evidence as such.

All of this in mind, it should be baffling at this point in time how anyone can regard eyewitness testimony as being 'damning evidence' with regard to the 'gas chamber' / 'Jewish extermination' narrative. Testimony supporting this narrative is extremely rare, notoriously unreliable, and offers great incentives for "stolen valor" to anyone who produces it.

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