Holocaust Controversies 'Auschwitz Index'

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Holocaust Controversies 'Auschwitz Index'

Postby Callahan » 5 months 4 weeks ago (Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:27 am)

So, almost seven years ago, a compilation of all documentation as evidence of the "Holocaust" at Auschwitz was set underway at the HC blog. Being that we are now approaching a decade since its inception, I would say it is just about finished as-is.

First, do note that this is a compilation of every alleged proof of 'mass extermination' at Auschwitz, after more than seven decades of international universities, billion-dollar institutions, celebrated authors, mass media, and world governments all working in unison to encourage, fund, and promote the publication of any and all documentation or testimony that could possibly support the "Holocaust". With all of those resources along with 6,000,000-11,000,000+ alleged deaths, this index looks to be the final compilation of all relevant findings.

For anyone who might regard such a massive list of documentation as threatening to the Revisionist perspective, there are at least a few things I would like to mention and I am sure others here can chime in as well:

http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... ce-on.html
Here is the index ^. Refer back for discussion:

    As far as the contemporary German documents (which should be weighed most heavily above all other documentation), you will notice many references to "gas tight" windows and doors, wire mesh devices, and the like... all of which is explained nicely, here (skip to the conclusions of Part 1 for a relevant summary):

    Also in the contemporary German documents, many of these refer to "special ________". Many of those references are to Mattogno's work, where he explains the true meaning of these terms, here:
    and here:

    The rest of the contemporary German docs section is the standard cherry-picking, same as we see in the clarifications made above.

    After that, we move onto just two (!) instances of contemporary/wartime German testimony... it appears the Germans really knew how to keep their mouths shut about the biggest crime in human history, in which millions were allegedly involved. One instance of this testimony claims to be an audio recording (which has since been destroyed, of course... :roll: ) of Heinrich Kittel. The other piece of testimony is from a diary from SS Dr. Johann Kremer, who presented the diary along with his testimony post-war. It seems the authorities really appreciated his testimony+diary as his execution sentence was commuted to a life sentence... then he was released 10 years later.

    The next section of the index is photographs (German, 'sonderkommando', and aerial... which have been thoroughly debunked in other Revisionist works, so I won't bother (see Rudolf, G. Lectures on the Holocaust).

    Next, is "Contemporary Sonderkommando handwritings" which are interesting, to say the least, but the basis for them seems a bit odd. On one hand, everyone already "knew" the gassings were occurring (there is much evidence for circulating rumor), but on the other, the 'Sonderkommando' had to write it down and bury/hide these letters inside and around the camps so that people would know. In any case, the majority of these handwritings were published and edited (!) by the former director of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, who was notorious for his "communist bias" and being an "editor of historical works" who would sometimes "remove certain sections and edit others, replaced some names with generalities...etc. without even alert the reader that kind of change". :shock:

    The next section is "contemporary prisoner's letters and reports" which appear to be mostly rumor and/or assumptions passed off as evidence, written into letters and then mailed elsewhere (for example, statements such as "I shall have to be sent to Birkenau for gas").

    The next two sections are of "contemporary reports of escaped Auschwitz prisoners" and "contemporary Polish publications and reports". I am unfamiliar with reports of escaped prisoners and their sources, publishers, credibility, etc., so I will pass on this one. I will do the same on the Polish reports for now, although I recall reading some analysis awhile back (I forget which author) exposing the dubious nature of many of these reports.

    The last several sections of this index include "eyewitness testimony" and other "hearsay". Hearsay can be disregarded without further comment and for obvious reasons. "Eyewitness testimony" is not much further ahead in terms of credibility, considering the general predicament of each of the sources (SS and German military trial testimony, 'Sonderkommando' and Jewish prisoner testimony). There is a clear case made in other threads at this forum and elsewhere that Germans who stood trial by their captors and did not "confess" to having knowledge of 'Jewish extermination' were frequently executed and had their families threatened. Some were also tortured. This kind of pressure in a trial "by the victors against the vanquished" (where the propensity for extreme retaliation is already an obvious concern) is absolutely no condition to consider SS and German military post-war testimony credible. Likewise, having spent years imprisoned and dealing with much hostility to their former wartime opposition, the testimony of the former prisoners and self-proclaimed 'Sonderkommando' cannot easily be presumed of as free of bias nor of sinister ulterior, vindictive motives.

    The final section is of on-site chemical and physical investigations of which Rudolf's remains the best to-date (but of course, it isn't listed here). It's available here, for any newbs:

Lastly, a "fun fact" is that more 60 of the citations in this index refer to documents in Carlo Mattogno's work. How odd that a guy who supposedly does nothing but tell lies for fun all day (as is apparently believed at HC) would earn such recognition as to be referenced so heavily in an index of Holocaust research. Maybe Revisionists can be respected historians, after all...

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Re: Holocaust Controversies 'Auschwitz Index'

Postby stinky » 5 months 3 weeks ago (Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:21 pm)

How telling that a single researcher with a meager budget (Mattogno) can produce so many documents that the industry of
....seven decades of international universities, billion-dollar institutions, celebrated authors, mass media, and world governments all working in unison to encourage, fund....
somehow could not locate / preferred to keep hidden.

By your summation, it appears that HC's "compilation" relies very heavily upon the liewitnesses, post war "testimony", non German documents, debunked science & a good deal of hearsay
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