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Spreading the word ....

Postby flimflam » 5 months 3 weeks ago (Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:10 pm)

If you're looking for some way to 'spread the word' that the holocaust is an preposterous hoax, and to reach a lot of people, good luck !

One thing you can do is post on Quora. There are lots of holohoax related questions, and as you might expect the answers are dominated by hasbara, and also as you might expect, if you aggressively expose the hoax you will be banned, but I had a pretty good run, with many answers getting 1000 + views. I lasted a few months before I was banned for non-specified 'hate speech'. You can see my posting history here .....


I think you'll be amazed at what I could 'get away with'. And, for me it was interesting. I ended up putting a substantial amount of time into many of the answers, trying to make them as hard-hitting and as well documented as possible. It's a great exercise.

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