Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

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Re: Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

Postby Hektor » 1 day 12 hours ago (Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:47 pm)

Lamprecht wrote:
Hektor wrote:In terms of nationality/citizenship people with Black ancestry would be viewed similarly to Jews. Simply as people that aren't Germans, but may live in the country.

Today or under the Third Reich? Because a lot of the "Blacks" were actually mulattos with partial German ancestry, as Germany did have colonies in Africa. They were not like Jews who were a separate nation altogether, a "people on the move" living a separate existence. There was no policy of mass immigration into Germany at the time like there is under Merkel.

The BRD reassigned citizenships withdrawn before 1945. I think they also tried revoking the ius sanguinis principle, but there wasn't even a debate over it.

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