Woman writes book about Holocaust guilt, wins award

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Woman writes book about Holocaust guilt, wins award

Postby Lamprecht » 7 months 1 day ago (Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:43 pm)

So a German woman wrote a book about how she has no sense of cultural belonging, because she is German and ashamed of the Holocaust, which is an "Inherited sin"... Seems pretty similar to how many Americans want to get rid of the borders with Mexico because "Our ancestors stole the land from them!"
The author of this article makes a good point with the Muslim rapes. It seems the "Holocaust" story has too much power in some people's minds. What is it, the photos of dead bodies they show people when they are children? The non-stop propaganda? How do they demoralize people so badly that they seriously feel guilt for something that happened long before they were ever born. :shock: :?

A German author’s graphic memoir about what she calls the inherited sin of the Holocaust won the prestigious National Book Critics Circle award:

Nora Krug’s “Belonging” won the autobiography category on Thursday during the Circle’s annual award ceremony in New York.

On Krug’s website, “Belonging” is described as being rooted in how “the simple fact of her German citizenship bound her to the Holocaust and its unspeakable atrocities and left her without a sense of cultural belonging.” She knew little about her own family’s involvement in World War II and “though all four grandparents lived through the war, they never spoke of it,” according to the site. The book follows the author’s research into her family’s history in archives, flea markets and interviews.

Other winners announced during the ceremony at the New School include “Milkman,” a novel by Irish author Anna Burns that surprised most readers last year by winning Britain’s Man Booker Prize.

The anti-Nazi propaganda that has been drilled into Germans’ minds since the end of WWII is really inconceivable for most people today. From the time they are children, Germans have been told what horrible people their ancestors were for not treating the Jews in Europe they way they had come to expect to be treated. They accused the Germans of all kinds of fictions that never happened just to make them feel so bad about themselves that they would never dare cross the Jews ever again. And they award Germans like Krug who encourage other Germans to abase and hate themselves.

And in large part this massive propaganda campaign has worked brilliantly. Despite seeing hundreds of their women and children raped and murdered by Third World Muslims and Africans who now roam Germany’s streets with impunity, the Germans continue to welcome these invaders, hoping to please their jewish thought police, believing that perhaps one day the Jews will pronounce that the German people will finally be completely denazified, a day that will never happen until that last ethnic German has been bred out of existence. Then the Jews can breathe a collective sigh of relief. “Amalek” is finally no more.
From: https://www.rightoftheright.com/major-l ... holocaust/

Reminds me of this pic Image

Also see:

The Kinderladen movement: Child oversexuality in post-WWII Germany... "Because of Auschwitz"
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Re: Woman writes book about Holocaust guilt, wins award

Postby JLAD Prove Me Wrong » 7 months 18 hours ago (Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:58 pm)

Even IF the holocaust happened, it really couldn't 'happen again'. IF Germany all of a sudden tried 'it again' the international community would stop it like nothing else. Certainly it is good news that it did not happen, but the concept that it could 'happen again' is a fairytale.

German children are slandered for being ethnic Germans by their Jewish oppressors and self hating whites, in the most crude ways imaginable. I believe that many, though certainly not all Jews are doing this in order to to end the white race and replace it with people from third-world countries. They want this, because whitey is the hardest race to master.

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Re: Woman writes book about Holocaust guilt, wins award

Postby Spect3r » 7 months 16 hours ago (Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:14 pm)

This is actually sad, poor German people.
AFD (dont know if they are good or bad politicians, and dont care) are the only ones in Germany that i see talking against this sickening thing and they are bashed left and right for it.
They are actually trying to do the same here in Portugal with the time of the "Discoveries", but so far Portuguese people couldn't care less about it.
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