Holocaust museum comes out against anti-vaccination movement

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Holocaust museum comes out against anti-vaccination movement

Postby Lamprecht » 11 months 3 weeks ago (Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:35 pm)

Anyone who denies that Jews are eternally at the top of the victim pyramid (despite being the richest and most privileged group in America) is pure evil. People who don't want to be vaccinated for diseases with less than a 1% death rate have worn Jew stars to symbolize their persecution.

https://www.rt.com/news/455243-auschwit ... vax-stars/
A Holocaust museum has joined the chorus of criticism against the anti-vaccination movement, after pictures from protest rallies posted online show activists wearing yellow Star of David badges to symbolize their persecution.

The Poland-based Auschwitz Memorial museum slammed the movement after pictures on Twitter showed anti-vaccination media personality Del Bigtree, with a yellow star on his chest during a recent Vaccine Choice demonstration in Texas.

“Instrumentalizing the fate of Jews who were persecuted by hateful anti-Semitic ideology and murdered in extermination camps like #Auschwitz with poisonous gas in order to argue against vaccination that saves human lives is a symptom of intellectual and moral degeneration,” the museum said.

Perhaps this is related to the push for mandatory vaccinations, where "unvaccinated" people will be treated as public pariahs, prevented from going out in public. I have seen people literally hope for anti-vaxxers to die, and suggest even rounding them up.

This sets an important precedent for protesting in the future. Every minor slight, insult and emotionally jarring event should now be symbolized with the gold star. Whenever you invoke the star, you get attacked by globalist Jews, causing regular people to see that you are being persecuted. And since it annoys the Jewish community, a feedback-loop is created where their criticism intensifies the original trolling, creating a more extreme response.
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