Did Americans initially believe the "Holocaust" concentration camp films were staged?

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Did Americans initially believe the "Holocaust" concentration camp films were staged?

Postby Lamprecht » 1 year 1 week ago (Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:55 pm)

The following article makes some bold claims, but does not give a specific source. I will quote the relevant portion:

Monarchy and War

[A]fter the final mass surrender of German soldiers in May 1945, they were not treated as ordinary prisoners of war who were protected by the Hague Convention, but as DEF (“Disarmed Enemy Forces”) and dealt with miserably. They were starved and ultimately suffered enormous losses—possibly as many as a million.37 Indignation about the German Concentration Camps, how-ever, played only a minor role in this “policy,” because the facts about German war atrocities were largely not believed. People remembered the lies spread about the Germans during World War I.38
See James Bacque, Other Losses (Toronto: Stoddard, 1989). Germany complained that 1,700,000 prisoners had not been returned after the war. It is true that the Third Reich starved to death many Russian prisoners. German prisoners starved in Russia, but those who returned were, on the trip home, often implored for food by the hungry population.

In November, 1945, people were interviewed in Detroit about their reactions to the horrors of the German concentration camps. Ninety percent were convinced that all films about them had been staged,
and reminded the interviewers of the fake propaganda stories of World War I. Belgian babies with their hands cut off! As Cicero said in his De divinatione: “We do not believe a liar, even if he speaks the truth.”

So apparently in November 1945 90% of people interviewed in Detroit believed the videos were staged. I wonder if anyone has heard of this before, and has a source on these 1945 Detroit interviews?
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