Did Hitler consider Slavs / Eastern Europeans to be "Subhuman" or racially inferior?

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Re: Did Hitler consider Slavs / Eastern Europeans to be "Subhuman" or racially inferior?

Postby Hektor » 6 days 30 minutes ago (Thu Nov 19, 2020 4:58 pm)

Hannover wrote:Madonna:
As we all know, anti-German propaganda was massive, including endless examples of false, contrived "translations".
You need to do better.
Please show us the originals.

Always the same issue. No remotely verifiable sources. Snipets, conflated with other stuff, opinion and interpretations into the text or facts. Also ignoring evidence to the contrary is common in that matter.

When most of your fighting age man are at the front, it's obviously why extramarital relationships would be punished. Got nothing to do with "racial reasons".

Also, collecting usable snippets from the contemporary literature is also not proof. One will always have a spectrum of opinions on any subject.
What counts are actual policy statements - speeches, opinions would only be circumstantial. Depends also on who said it.

I got no doubt that there were bad vibes against Poles, given their treatment of ethnic Germans as long as they had occupied the corridor and Eastern Silesia. Some of the Eastern European population were also quite troublesome, unreliable and even showing some propensity to cruelty. No surprise given that they had to live under Bolshevism for more than 20 years. It had been an onslaught on their culture as well.

Fact is that Slovaks, Croats, Ukrainians, etc. have been allied with the Axis. That's an indicator that they were considered "racially acceptable". As for Russians the Tartar admixture may have been seen as problematic. But nations aren't necessarily a homogenous mass. I noticed that with populations that are more diverse, there is also a diversity over socio-economic and behavioural indicators.

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Re: Did Hitler consider Slavs / Eastern Europeans to be "Subhuman" or racially inferior?

Postby Merlin300 » 4 days 6 hours ago (Sat Nov 21, 2020 10:55 am)

Moderator wrote:Madonna:
You've have been challenged to present the German originals for someone's text that you posted. You have not. Instead you posted more of the same sort of unverified text which also included topics not part of this thread. That post was removed due to your lack of responsiveness.
Please review our simple guidelines that you agreed to when you registered, viewforum.php?f=4

Please present those originals, if you can, and stay on topic. BTW, you are welcomed to start new threads on any "H" related topic you wish.
We also have a WWII Forum.

I remind you that this forum has a higher standard of debate than what you typically see elsewhere. Here, when challenged, as in formal debates, it is incumbent upon those being challenged to respond or leave the thread / the discussion underway. That prevents a lot of unverified, false claims, etc. I'm sure you can appreciate that.
Thanks, M1

With all due respect Madonna, I agree with Moderator. There is so much baseless garbage thrown out by Believer propagandists that it is important to provide as much real evidence as possible. It is the basis of Revisionism.

Last night BBC and German Television DW replayed a panegyric to the Nuremberg Show Trial. There was the disgraceful US Prosecutor Thomas Dodd pulling of the cover off a shrunken head which he presented without any supporting evidence as a Pole sentenced to death and hanged for daring to have sex with a German woman.
Evidence = Revisionism.

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