Centralverein Publication / Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith; Defense of NS

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Centralverein Publication / Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith; Defense of NS

Postby Callahan » 9 months 1 week ago (Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:49 am)

So, I was recently very intrigued in learning that the Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith, which was the largest Jewish organization in Germany and claiming to represent the majority at the time (membership of 60,000+), in early 1933, spoke strongly against the international Jewish propaganda campaigns and boycotting against Germany. Some fascinating quotes, here, within the featured/main article beginning up top then cont'd on page 4:


In hopes to find some other endorsements of NSDAP policies by this organization or anything else of interest demonstrating the early cooperation between Germany and its Jews (you know, before international propagandists and warmongers succeeded in fostering the growth and perception of an internal threat in Germany), I spent a couple hours looking for an online archive of the official publication of this organization (known as "Centralverein"), which I finally found, here:

https://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/ ... 993?query=

The only problem is... I don't read German. :( I was hoping I could run it through Google Translate once found but I can hardly even decipher the characters in the font. I was hoping perhaps some of the multi-lingual among you here may have an interest and can share any relevant excerpts with the rest of us.

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