2019 Revised/Updated "Dissecting the Holocaust", G. Rudolf

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2019 Revised/Updated "Dissecting the Holocaust", G. Rudolf

Postby Callahan » 8 months 23 hours ago (Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:06 am)

The first volume of the Holocaust Handbooks series, Dissecting the Holocaust, has been revised and is now available for purchase via the HH website or CODOH Store. Rudolf adds a new preface for this edition. For those who haven't read it or those who know someone who might appreciate a strong, informed introduction to Revisionism, this is an outstanding work that addresses some of the most important questions and also provides some valuable history and introduction to the debate. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the topic at hand.

Germar Rudolf (ed.): Dissecting the Holocaust—The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and ‘Memory’
3rd, revised edition


Dissecting marshals the work of more than a dozen researchers to subject the “gas chambers,” the “six million,” the postwar trials and other linchpins of the orthodox Holocaust narrative to careful, precise, methodical and withering analysis. Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf and Claus Jordan on how testimony was coerced and convictions manufactured; G. Rudolf on the evidence for Jewish losses during WWII; Udo Walendy and John Ball on analysis of photos alleged to depict the crimes or their locations; Jürgen Graf on myths about the concentration camps; Germar Rudolf on how chemical analysis gravely weakens the case for gassing in the Auschwitz gas chambers; Carlo Mattogno on the cremation furnaces of Auschwitz; Fritz Berg, Ingrid Weckert, Carlo Mattogno and Arnulf Neumaier on the technical and evidentiary absurdities of gassing claims for German trucks and gas chambers at Majdanek, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka; and more. Dissecting’s handsome design and format lend themselves well to the numerous illustrations, charts, and diagrams with which these leading revisionists advance the wealth of evidence the book offers against the Holocaust myth. 3rd revised and updated edition of 2019.

"There is at present no other single volume that so provides a serious reader with a broad understanding of the contemporary state of historical issues that influential people would rather not have examined." —Prof. Dr. Arthur R. Butz, Evanston, IL

"There is much in the various contributions that strikes one as thoroughly convincing." —Historian Dr. Joachim Hoffmann, Expert Trial Report

"Read this book and you will know where revisionism is today. And the shock is that revisionism has done away with the exterminationist case." —Andrew Gray, The Barnes Review

"These contributions read like detective stories—analyzing the evidence for several crimes in a Sherlock Holmes style." —The Christian News, July 24, 2000

"I envy the United States where such a book can be published without negative consequences. It will probably unleash a broad discussion." —Historian Prof. Dr. Ernst Nolte, Berlin, Germany

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Re: 2019 Revised/Updated "Dissecting the Holocaust", G. Rudolf

Postby HMSendeavour » 7 months 2 weeks ago (Mon Nov 25, 2019 1:35 pm)

A very exciting book to have revised and expanded! I especially like that we finally have a cover for Volume 1 which matches the rest of the series even though I do still like the classic blue one, so I'm happy to have that edition as well.

I bought two copies of this new edition already as soon as I saw it.

The only drawback for me is that sections are missing, Willis Cartos "A Brief History of Revisionism" and Anton Mägerle's "Censorship in Germany? Never! Unless. . ."

But other than that it's very very exciting.
Now what does it mean for the independent expert witness Van Pelt? In his eyes he had two possibilities. Either to confirm the Holocaust story, or to go insane. - Germar Rudolf, 13th IHR Conference

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