Dropping Holocaust Pills Upon a Local School

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Re: Dropping Holocaust Pills Upon a Local School

Postby Zulu » 3 months 1 day ago (Fri Mar 06, 2020 2:18 pm)

Lamprecht wrote:The power of the "Denier" label and people's confusion about the "Holocaust" / debate strategies?

In my view, the #1 problem/obstacle faced by so-called "Deniers" of the "Holocaust" is the "Holocaust denier/denial" slur.
People are quick to categorize strangers with groups and labels, especially strangers they ideologically disagree with.
And now the victim of this tactic is put on the defensive, having to correct his accuser on something that he never claimed or insinuated.

When the "denier" card is advanced I often quote Robert Faurisson from an interview (never published) he gave to Valérie Igounet, the specialist of "Holocaust deniers" (négationnistes) in France.
R. Faurisson. : Alors, Mademoiselle, moi, je vous laisse employer le mot « négationnisme ». Vous savez que je ne suis pas d'accord. Mais je ne sais pas si vous savez pourquoi je ne suis pas d'accord.

Je l'ai souvent expliqué. On va prendre un exemple célèbre. Galilée était-il négationniste ? Non. Il affirmait que, contrairement à ce que prétendaient des gens qui s'appuyaient notamment sur l'Ancien Testament, c'était la Terre qui tournait autour du Soleil — pour simplifier les choses.

Donc, Galilée était positif. Il n'était ni négatif, ni négationniste. Est-ce qu'aujourd'hui vous diriez de Galilée : « Il niait que... » ? Non. Il affirmait, après des recherches.

Les révisionnistes sont des gens qui affirment, après des recherches. Ils sont positifs et positivistes. Ils ne nient rien. Voilà. C'est un mot important. C'est une définition importante.

So, Miss, I will let you use the word "denial". You know that I do not agree. But I don't know if you know why I don't agree.

I have often explained it. We will take a famous example. Was Galileo a Denier? No. He claimed that, contrary to what people who relied in particular on the Old Testament claimed, it was the Earth which revolved around the Sun - to simplify things.

So Galileo was positive. He was neither negative nor denier. Today, would you say about Galileo: "He denied that ..."? No. He said after research.

Revisionists are people who claim after research. They are positive and positivists. They deny nothing. Here. It's an important word. It is an important definition.

From: Valérie Igounet et son "Histoire du négationnisme en France" : Texte de l’entretien de Robert Faurisson
Valérie Igounet and her "History of Holocaust Denial in France": Text of the interview with Robert Faurisson
https://robertfaurisson.blogspot.com/20 ... re-du.html

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