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note to Callahan

Postby Moderator » 2 months 2 weeks ago (Wed Mar 11, 2020 11:04 am)

When posting links it is incumbent upon you to state why you find them relevant, valuable to points being made.
from guidelines:
If you post a quote or link from or to a book, a news article, magazine story, another website, etc., you must also comment on the quote or the link content. Tell the forum what you find wrong, compelling, unique, or important about the quote or link content. Flippant, overly brief comments are not acceptable. We want commentary and discussion.

When challenged on your claims you must respond specifically, do not just say 'see the link' which you never went into in the first place.
from guidelines:
No 'dodging'. When questioned or challenged on claims, or assertions you make in a thread you must respond directly / specifically by providing the information requested in the challenge or you must leave the topic.

Please review all guidelines which you agreed to when registering:

Thanks, Moderator
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