Treblinka mu$eum to be built

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Treblinka mu$eum to be built

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 5 years ago (Wed Aug 25, 2004 2:16 pm)

That should be something to behold; a veritable theme park of the absurd. I wonder how much they will charge to get in? The 'holocau$t' Industry indeed..

Perhaps they can tell us what happened to the alleged mass grave which supposedly held 870,000 Jews (imagine the size), but curiously does not show up on Ground Penetrating Radar. The Believers themselves cannot show us physical evidence for this pit which must exist ...if the story is true.

Perhaps they can show us where the vast amounts wood came from (and how it was transported), that was supposedly used to cremate the allegedly exhumed 870,000 corpses.

Perhaps they can show us the vast amounts of ash and human remains to support the bizarre wacko story.

Notice that they fail to mentioned how these Jews were supposedly murdered...allegedly by diesel engine gassings; technologically and scientifically absurd.

Forensic science and logic over self serving judeo-supremacist propaganda.

"If you don't know what happened there before you get there, you wouldn't know from visiting the site at present," said the chairman of Yad Vashem's Directorate, Avner Shalev, who hosted Przewoznik during his first visit to Israel.

IOW, they must indoctrinate and condition visitors with misinformation. Misinformation which Revisionists have utterly demolished.

- Hannover

full text:

Treblinka to get museum
Etgar Lefkovits, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 19, 2004

The government of Poland is planning to establish a museum at the Treblinka death camp, a senior Polish government official said.

The museum, which will be set up in coordination with Yad Vashem, is slated to open in about two years, said the chairman of the Polish Council for the Remembrance of Struggle and Martyrdom, Andrzej Przewoznik, in an interview with The Jerusalem Post during a state visit to Israel.

About 870,000 people were murdered at Treblinka, which was established by the Nazis in the summer of 1942.

A three-decade-old monument is the site's only memorial, offering visitors little information about the atrocities carried out there.

"If you don't know what happened there before you get there, you wouldn't know from visiting the site at present," said the chairman of Yad Vashem's Directorate, Avner Shalev, who hosted Przewoznik during his first visit to Israel.

In the future, similar museums will be opened at the now-destroyed Nazi death camps at Chelmno and Sobibor, Przewoznik added.

Some three million Polish Jews perished in the Holocaust.

At the same time, the final wording of a memorial plaque in memory of the Jews murdered by fellow Poles in the northeastern Polish village of Jedwabne is still the subject of controversy, and the final text of the memorial plaque may not be ready for years, Przewoznik said.

A recent book documenting the killing of thousands of Jews in Jedwabne by their Polish neighbors – and not, as previously thought by the Nazi occupiers – caused a major stir in Poland, after decades in which Poles often portrayed themselves as equal victims to the Jews during World War II.

The Polish official said the final text of the plaque – specifying who the murderers were – will be finalized only after a completion of a listing of the names of all the people killed in the attack is ready.

"The important thing here is not merely the exact number of victims, but that the truth gets out," Shalev said.

This article can also be read at ... 8596975996
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Postby TRUTHATLAST » 1 decade 5 years ago (Wed Aug 25, 2004 2:37 pm)

I hear ya!
Another DisseyWorld for sure!
It doesn't really matter if you have the proof or not, just the fact that they say it was there, and people died is good enough for them.
I remember one guy said to me, all the ashes were dumped in the river!
I guess they didn't care at that time if the river got polluted by all those tons of ashes.
Maybe thats how all the people died! LOL They drank the water filled with the ash remains of first batch of hundreds of thousands of people, and they were poisoned!
What do you think sounds logical to me.

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