Fred Leuchter says he believes David Cole was sent to infiltrate Revisionism in the 1990s

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Re: Fred Leuchter says he believes David Cole was sent to infiltrate Revisionism in the 1990s

Postby stinky » 3 months 3 weeks ago (Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:26 am)

Like all elements of the Hoax, one must take a very sceptical view to all of the details.
There is no exception with Cole.
I think there is a tendency to discount some/all of the red flags. I'm not prepared to do that.
The role of an infiltrating agent is to gain trust.
In order for you to achieve any sort of deep infiltration you must tells some truths & go out of your way to prove yourself.

Sannhet wrote:Do you have specific sources linked to each claim or was this just a running list of your own notes? If it is notes, as I take from how you introduce it, I expect it must be treated as a draft document awaiting confirmation. For one thing, David Cole says his own middle name is Christopher, not Abravenal.

I copied from various sources some time ago, so yes, it was a list of information I had compiled.
I should have also copied the links/sources. Amateur mistake.

Sannhet wrote:I expect it must be treated as a draft document awaiting confirmation.

A good way to look at it
Sannhet wrote:Things also can get complicated, quick, in these matters: Maybe Cole did have ties to one or more groups but also did indeed become a convinced Holocaust Revisionist and tried to play all sides against each other, a double-, or triple-, or etc. agent, really an agent on behalf of his own self-promotion.

Plausible & worth considering.

Lamprecht wrote:Stinky pointed out that he had a trust fund. Well, there were a lot of rich kids (many Jewish) at my university so I know that doesn't necessarily imply much for an American Jew born in Los Angeles. Were his parents wealthy?

The BIG difference is, the trust fund kids you bumped in to went to college - which I assume would have been standard.
The smartest guy in the room Cole decided to destroy his chance to earn a living before leaving school?
How many other trust fund (((kids))) were actively probing the hoax?

Jews dominate all sides of the debate. Controlled opposition is their thing. No contentious topic escapes their deceptive tactics - certainly not one as important as the hoax. It's true that very few repudiate the 'gas chamber' myth, but (((those))) that query elements are still likely controlled opposition.
Consider Norman Finklestein. He wrote a book about the exploitation of the Hoax 'The Holcaust Industry' - likening it to an extortion racket - but he IS NOT going to challenge the gas chamber story ('my family were all gassed').
Yes, some bad jews may be misusing the tragedy for dishonest reasons, and minor elements of the story may have been exaggerated, but the main narrative stands.
Textbook c o n t r o l l e d opposition.

Lamprecht wrote:It might be the case. It might also be the case that he was young and saw an opportunity to jump on. Taking someone else's older videos or work (like McCalden) and putting a new spin on it, especially with the "And by the way I'm Jewish" doesn't mean he was there to infiltrate for someone else, such as Mossad or the JDL. Maybe he saw it as a good money-making opportunity. He makes a video of the gas chambers and notices the doors don't make much sense, interviews the guy who makes new "Revelations" (at the time) about how it's a reconstruction, and suddenly he's a big name revisionist. I said it in another thread, I believe that he brought publicity to revisionism and I think did more good than harm. The fact that the JDL came after him and then he caved and said "Actually the Holocaust happened but not at Auschwitz" thing makes his new "Holocaust-lite" position appear less genuine.

Good counter points, as were points raised by CCS
Lamprecht & CCS could well be right/closer to the truth, but I would urge members who may have formed their opinion some time go to re-examine/re-consider some of the points raised.

Sannhet wrote:- David Cole says his mother was "working class." Dr. Leon Cole "abandoned" this working class woman and her son (i.e., David Cole) and had to pay child support. A public record for California divorces puts their divorce as occurring in Aug. 1969 (after a Las Vegas marriage in Oct. 1965). Cole was not yet 12 months old. Cole does not name his mother in his autobiography, perhaps because she is still living, presumably now in he late 70s or early 80s. Her name is possibly A*** San*** Abrams based on a public birth record filed in California for the David C. Cole born Sept-2-1968. First name means "soul" in Spanish. (Not sure if posting this information is OK with CODOH-Forum; it is from a public record. If the moderator wishes to edit out this name I understand.)

I think his mother died some time ago. I recall an anecdote about Cole being upset with Bradley Smith for some reason, related to the time in which Cole was grieving his Mother's death. Not sure where this fits within the book writing timeline.
Sannhet wrote:Of that there is no doubt. I am still tempted to suspicion because Cole was always able to land on his feet. Meanwhile, Fred Leuchter was banned for life from practicing his profession, mega-slandered, ruined, and had to work for Home Depot and similar jobs for years just to get income.

Leuchter AND Rudolf AND Faurisson AND, and, and , and , and. But not Cole. No sir.

Sannhet wrote:When someone "disappears" and takes on a new name, how does it happen that he immediately becomes an "op-ed contributor" for a major newspaper? A year or two after his disappearance, and at age thirty? This does push one towards the belief that Cole had very powerful benefactors pulling strings in his favor. His rise to high society, from being an unknown who showed up with a new name, to hobnobbing with Congressmen and celebrities, is also hard to explain. Can anyone explain it?

Excellent question.

As per Cole there are many red flags;

1. After McCalden's 'death' Cole receives ALL of his personal correspondence & rare books.
What details are there of McCalden's Death? It was very convenient for the young nobody to receive all of McCalden's material (personal correspondence with revisionists). *There were question marks about McCalden's side-kick Andrew Allen Esquire. What happened to him?

2. An EXTREMELY short timeline before Cole featured on national TV / was fully accepted by the IHR.
Does anyone need to point out who owns major media? The rapidity of the ascension of Cole's profile?

*2.1 The amount of times Cole featured in major media is a red flag in of itself. Articles for LA Times, interviewed by The New Yorker & Guardian.
People appear in the (((media))) for a reason, many different reasons. To smear, vilify, rehabilitate, promote etc. There are plenty of examples where the media applies a complete black out. There is a reason when this occurs to people with a profile. It would have been easier to ignore Cole. Instead he has been a feature of the media on a number of occasions.

3. Cole admitted that he coached Shermer to offer the 'other' (mainstream side) to secure the appearance on Donahue.
The program would never had gone ahead had it not featured someone that would 'debate' Cole. Cole found the solution.
That is an admission that the event was staged. To what extent was it staged?

4. Multiple name changes / pseudonyms.
Many people use an alias, like myself on CODOH. How many aliases/name changes does one need? Cole has several.

5. Unverifiable claims (Is there any witness to his claims of being assaulted?)

6. As Sahnet wrote, Cole kept landing on his feet. How long did it take to have his book out after being 'outed'?
Which group dominates the publishing industry / book distribution?

7. The guy worked within Hollywood putting out establishment Holocaust material. Nobody knew of his revisionist background?

8. Cole ran friggin' social events for 'elite' Hollywood conservatives - with 'strippers' & lots of booze.
Opportunities abound to compromise important people - something that the tribe excel at.
He doesn't have to directly do any blackmailing - all he needs to do is to forward intel to his handlers.
Another possible indicator that he is an agent of some sort.

9. Zundel, Faurisson & Leuchter smelt something.
That doesn't mean, 'take it to the bank', but it counts for something.

10. Cole invented his back story to infiltrate revisionism, claiming that he was an left leaning, secular jew that was in to race mixing.
What was the need to lie about his backstory if he was just a jewish kid searching for the truth?

11. Coles 'deal' with the JDL is cartoonish. And they all lived happily ever after (until Rubin & his mate Earl Krugel were dispatched inside prison). This event provided a good cover story for Cole's 'out'.

12. Smith didn't believe Cole regarding his car being broken into in the Struthof car park. Another oddity.
Who knows what was going on here.

Archie wrote:I remember in an old interview he said the book hadn’t even banned in Germany.
I noticed YouTube is now recommending his videos to me on the homepage.

YouTube / German censorship 'glitch'?

Re Weber, there is no debate. As I said, Rudolf covered it; ... lstone/en/
The SAME (((lawyers))) Lawrence E. Heller, Sherman D. Lenske were instrumental in Mermelstein vs the IHR & years later in the hi-jacking of the IHR. I believe Michael Collins Piper backgrounds this in The Judas Goats (2006). These same lawyers were also instrumental in the seizure of The Church of Scientology from L. Ron Hubbrad/Hubbard's estate. It has been intimated that Heller & Lenske may be the shadow operators, (or were the conduit for the (((shadow operators))) of both entities.
Sannhet wrote:Cole implies in his autobiography that he was born in 1968, at Cedars of Lebanon Jewish Hospital (now the Scientology Headquarters; East Hollywood);

An interesting connection (maybe meaningless) between Scientology & the tribe.

What made Weber consider 'selling' the IHR's subscriber list to the ADL?
Maybe he figured that he was happy to turn it over any way, so why not make some money.
It's easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled

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Re: Fred Leuchter says he believes David Cole was sent to infiltrate Revisionism in the 1990s

Postby Sannhet » 3 months 6 days ago (Tue Aug 18, 2020 8:34 pm)

David Cole had recorded a video titled "I'm a Mossad Agent" in direct reaction to Fred Leuchter's statements around which this thread is based.

Discussion and summary of video contents are elsewhere at CODOH Forum begins here:

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