Liechtenstein convicts man of Holocaust Denial for social media posts ($1000 fine, three years probation)

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Liechtenstein convicts man of Holocaust Denial for social media posts ($1000 fine, three years probation)

Postby Sannhet » 4 weeks 12 hours ago (Fri Aug 28, 2020 9:55 am)

I translate this story from the German:
Holocaust Denier Convicted
August 26, 2020 | (Liechtenstein; in German)

A German man appeared before the court to face charges of discrimination. The judge imposed a fine.

The accused expressed doubts about whether six million Jews had been killed in the Holocaust.
Often and intensively does he think about German history, especially about the National Socialist genocide, the accused said yesterday before the court. As a German citizen, he has been confronted by it his whole life. It bothers him that he is called a Nazi or a racist, said the 70 year old.

However, the Liechtenstein-resident German man has not kept his ideas to himself. He has shared them via public posts on social media. His view, especially on the Holocaust, he declared publicly and clearly: "Enough with the Holocaust fairy tales," he wrote in the past, and likewise he wrote of the "blackest lie in German history." More than once he represented the National Socialist genocide as a "myth" [...]
Doubts about the number of murdered Jews

"Yes, I wrote all these posts," the accused said yesterday. "But I am not guilty."

This, he says, is because in all his posts he never denied the Holocaust. He say, quite the opposite, he condemns the genocide. The only thing that he questions is the six million dead.

He says he was raised in Germany near a Rheinwiesenlager, a prison camp run by the USA, Britain, and France in the Rhineland at the end of the Second World War. "I often spoke to my grandparents about this dark chapter."

Already while a young man he began asking himself where all the bodies are and where the people were buried. "They could never give me an answer."

Over many years, he says, he researched and always came across the six million figure of murdered Jews. He says he came across dissenting opinions which relate to that number. On which: "Multiple reports from physicists show that it would have been impossible to build an leak-proof gas chamber."

In response to the question of the judge, who asked him why the exact figure is so important, the accused posed a counter-question: "Why must I as a German always be subject to these kinds of accusations?"

The article then talks about a related charge of defaming Muslims for other posts he had made. The judge's ruling:

The judge found the man guilty of discrimination, imposing a fine of 90 Tagessätzen [a daily-rate fine, payable in lieu of time in jail], and set the daily-rate at ten Swiss francs [$11 USD]. The full fine of 900 Swiss francs [$1000 USD] was conditional on a three-year probation period.

The judge also ruled that the man was obliged to consult with a probation officer about his actions and views. The man has four days to reflect on whether he wants to appeal.

(Originally seen on the German section of CODOH Forum," Verurteilung für Holocaust-Leugner.")


The man is not named in the story, not on the usual German first-name-only basis or initials or anything. Given that fewer than 40,000 people live in Liechtenstein, even a single initial could be enough to identify him.

What social media did he make his Holocaust Denial posts on?

There are many cases like this in Europe every year and most are never publicized. The steady stream of prosecutions, large and small, has a much larger intimidation effect. To be credible, there have to be regular examples made.

This German was born in 1949/50, therefore in his youth will remember the time before the advent of "saturation Holocaust Propaganda." He may have believed he was safer from these prosecutions by not being resident in Germany itself.

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